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A group for anyone interested in Carl Jung and his psychological theories. Whether you are working in the helping professions or just love learning about psychology for your own interest, this group is for you.
A chance to meet like-minded people, discuss Jung's work and ideas, hear talks and learn more. We welcome people from all around the area: Brighton & Hove, East and West Sussex and beyond.
Join us for a drink in some of Brighton's lovely pubs and venues.

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Understanding Dreams - Online Discussion and Social

Online event

It can be fascinating to write down dreams and try to understand the symbolic meaning that our implicit mind is trying to communicate. Jungian Analytical Psychology has a long history of theory and practice in this area. The focus of this session is an informal discussion about the various techniques and theories we use with dream work. We can bring any interesting quotes and references to share. Personally I will be sharing some ideas from the great Marie-Louise von Franz. Here is a brief excerpt from the transcription of the series 'Way of the Dream': "In Jungian psychology, we have a technique. We compare the dream to a drama and examine it under three structural headings: first, the introduction or exposition - the setting of the dream and the naming of the problem; second, the peripeteia - that would be the ups and downs of the story; and finally, the lysis - the end solution or, perhaps, catastrophe. And if I don't understand a dream, I use that scheme." Breakout rooms will be used in Zoom to also allow some smaller group or one to one socialising. Looking forward to seeing you all again! Stay Well. Cheers, Richard.

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