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What we’re about

A Brisbane based group for anyone interested in professional software testing. It's a place where you will get the chance to meet other interested (and sometimes interesting) testers, to share stories and to find out what everyone else is up to as far as tool use and processes being applied.
We're aiming to have demonstrations on different testing approaches (Context Driven and Exploratory Testing), some demonstrations on how testers are using open source tools such as Selenium and Cucumber (incl other BDD tools) and plenty more about Strategies and different testing approaches for different testing domains.
Discussion Subjects:
Automation adoption strategies
Agile Testing + estimations
Performance and Load testing
Open Source automation Tools and Strategies
Future of Testing and automation
Lean TestingTester career paths
Context Driven Testing
BDD tools and practices
Exploratory Testing
Rapid Software Testing
Pyschological aspects of testing (e.g. cognitive biases) \

Performance and Load testing
Open Source Automation
Cloud based testing platforms (saucelabs and browser stack)
Future of Testing and automation
Tester career paths
BDD tools and practices
API automation and performance testing

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