What we're about

Update November 2020

We currently do not run meetings, while we explore alternative setups other than a virtual study group.

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon again.



The vision of this community group is to empower every single person in Bristol and surrounding areas to achieve quality Machine Learning and Data Science knowledge, so that they can go on and do great things that benefit the quality of life of fellow earth citizens.


The mission is to provide a self-managed, self-sustained group that welcomes anyone, especially women and other under-represented groups in STEM, who would like to get into Data Science and Machine Learning, and to create a safe and friendly space where individuals can learn and grow with peer-support.


This workshop is held in conjunction with Women's Tech Hub Workshop Wednesdays (https://www.meetup.com/Womens-Tech-Hub-Bristol/). We meet every fortnight Wednesdays 6:00pm - 8:30pm at Level 3, Desklodge House, Redcliffe Way, Bristol BS1 6NL. To see scheduled events, please visit Bristol Data Science and Machine Learning Study Group (https://www.meetup.com/Bristol-Data-Science-and-Machine-Learning-Study-Group/events/)

Participants will go through the open source material, such as video and exercises at their own pace - this can be outside or, if needed, during the study group meetings. Participants are encouraged to pair up with a learning buddy and use the meetings to support one another. It is envisaged to the group to have a consolidation session every now and then, where possible.

You will need to bring your own laptop.

A typical workshop will look like this:

• 6:00pm: Welcome by today’s facilitator(s)

• 6:05pm: Learning time

• 8:00pm: Pizza (sponsored)

• 8:25pm: Announcements (if any), gathering feedback (this can also be done by emailing bristol.dsml.studygroup@gmail.com

• 8:30pm: End of workshop

There is an accompanying github (https://github.com/bristol-dsml-studygroup) repository where participants can contribute to, and you may find the FAQs (https://github.com/bristol-dsml-studygroup/about-us/blob/master/faq.md) useful.

Open Source Courses

We are open to suggestions on what courses the participants would like to do, for example, deeplearning.ai specialisation (https://www.deeplearning.ai/deep-learning-specialization/) or fast.ai (https://www.fast.ai/). To kick start this group, we will be starting with the fast.ai : 'Practical Deep Learning for Coders'. That does not mean that you can’t do any other course. We are open to suggestions.

Benefits for Participants

• Gain the most wanted skills

• Self-paced learning, with peer-support

• No pressure

Giving back to the community

Bristol Data Science and Machine Learning Study Group expects participants to contribute to the learners’ community during, and even better, after their learning journey. There are many ways to contribute, the main one is to take up the facilitator role whenever possible, see description below. Other ways may include, but are not limited to, knowledge sharing, help to organise events (if there will be any), bring along a friend/colleague, supporting new participants, etc.

Taking on the role of the facilitator ensures the sustainability and longevity of this group. The role of facilitator will typically include:

• Setting up the venue before the start of the session

• Ensure the venue is tidy and secure before everyone leaves the session

• Ensure that code of conduct is adhered to

• Collect voluntary donations from participants and hand them over to the group organisers


We ask for voluntary cash donations of £3 (or more, if you can) per session. This is to ensure the sustainability and longevity of this group. Those donations will be used towards the general cost of keeping this group alive.

While the founders endeavour to ensure the smooth running of this group, the founders reserve the right to end this group, should the donations/sponsors fail to meet the running cost of this group.

Social media

You are welcome to use your own social media networks to write / tweet / share about the group. However, we refrain from you sharing publicly about other members of the group, especially photos, unless you have their consent.

Code of conduct

Bristol Data Science and Machine Learning Study Group is dedicated to providing a space that is respectful, non-judgemental, a safe community for everyone to learn and strive, and therefore free from discrimination for any reason including on the basis of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, age and religion, learning ability, DS/ML knowledge level. We do not tolerate harassment or bullying of any community member in any form.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to, offensive comments related to personal characteristics or choices, sexual images or comments in public or online spaces, deliberate intimidation, bullying, stalking, posting of photography without consent, disruption during meetings, and inappropriate physical contact.

We reserve the right to take immediate actions, including, but not limited to, ask the offender to leave the venue immediately, expulsion from any event, or from future communications.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please act to intercede or ask for help from the facilitator, event organisers, administrators, or email: bristol.dsml.studygroup@gmail.com

Note that we ride on Women's Tech Hub Code of Conduct (https://www.wthub.org/code-of-conduct/), please note the recruitment restrictions.

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