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Fall Gardening with Permaculture-Brooklyn Permaculture Meetup
Fall Gardening with Permaculture City Rooftop Gardens and more! I will Explain the Biodynamic Calendar & how we use it Go over how we Prep for winter and plant beds in our garden Explain our rain water catching system Discuss permaculture and Container gardening fruit & vegetable garden layout Explain when we use the tractor and when we use hand tools. What Is Permaculture Design; Permaculture is a whole systems design science that is positively changing the way people think and interact with Earth. Permaculture is a design discipline that is the ultimate in deep ecology and holistic healing of the earth human relationship. It is finding ways to synergize human and planetary dynamics and processes. Permaculture as a term is a contraction for permanent agriculture which is seen by the chaps who coined it Bill Mollison, and David Holmgren, to be the foundation of civilization. Permaculture started in the early 70’s in part Mollison wanted to see earth repair work on damaged sites be part of what the hippies would learn to do through his books and classes with their back to the land movement in Australia. It has a diversity of sources for it’s principles which are the real tool kit of permaculture, they are cybernetics and systems theory from Howard and Eugene Odum , Holmgren’s ecological studies and systems experience and Mollison’s life with aborigines helping to establish their right to have their land granted back to them by helping to prove their genealogy as aboriginal. Other influences are Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese microbiologist whose seminal text is the One Straw Revolution illustrates the Tao of how permaculture cooperates with nature and capitalizes on natures inherent direction with a human need in mind. Permaculture looks to the long term potential of trees and what it calls forest gardens to provide a significant increase in the long term sustainability of, not just how we feed ourselves but also how we house ourselves, clothe ourselves medicate ourselves, permaculture wants to regionalize and naturalize all this. More on the work we do to help land people in beautiful, ecological, ways of living, Permaculture style!... Brooklyn Permaculture Meetup Every Third Friday at The Commons 7pm-9pm $5 Suggested donation - no one turned away! Permaculture is a whole systems design science that is positively changing the way people think and interact with Earth. Turn problems into solutions by joining us in the discussion, design and implementation of projects in and around Brooklyn and the surrounding region. We are looking to create an active group of motivated beings that want to contribute to all the positive change that is happening in our region and the world. This Meetup will be lead by Andrew Faust and occasional visiting friends. Andrew is director at Center for Bioregional Living which since 2007 has been training permaculture designers in NYC and starting June 1st 2012 at their rural campus in Ellenville, NY. A certificate in Permaculture Design is very helpful but not necessary. Click HERE to join Brooklyn Permaculture Meetup.

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We wanted to have a place to continue to connect with our hundreds of graduates and thought that starting a meetup in Brooklyn would be an excellent way to bring even more people together. We are gathering to create and implement whole systems permaculture designs for our northeastern bioregion and beyond. Join us!

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