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What we’re about

We bring you practical solutions to the complex problems of today.
Empowering and informing you to create more self reliant communities building resilience into your Homes, Farms and Communities.
Inspiring you with natural, down to Earth ways to even redesign New York City , and while we are at it let's redesign the entire Northeastern Corridor, to do what? To be nuch more food and energy independent, baked in climate adaptive, regional scale decentralized autonomy.
How to be healthier and more green.

Andrew Faust leads the meetups, Faust brings together a wealth of personal life experience from living off the grid for 8 years designing and creating the Center For Bioregional Living and teaching Permaculture design in New York City for over ten years. The Center For Bioregional Living is the only Permaculture program issuing certifications from a 72 hour program, they run free lance, with thousands of graduates.

25 years applying Permaculture in the Social & Urban landscape.

You want to know about greening deserts, large scale applications, social Permaculture, Permaculture on the West coast, in the Sierras the Cascades, New York City and the Northeast, Cold climates, Tropical, South America, India, Africa and Europe, we cover it in this course, our teachers have collectively worked consulting in all of these regions.
Anyone interested in health and well-being and comprehensive holistic thinking and solutions to health and quality of life issues, should attend these meetups! 
By Joining us you will gain invaluable life skills and perspectives for navigating the complex ecological realities of our modern lives and cityscapes.

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