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**$1 fee for each event attended, and three (3) no-shows may be cause for removal**

First, we invite you to join our Facebook group:


Breakfast for lunch, breakfast for dinner, breakfast for a midnight snack? Crazy? No, breakfast is yummy 24-7! Your organizers love to try breakfast or brunch at new locations throughout the greater L.A. and South Bay area and would love it if you could join us. Do you like breakfast buffets or ordering an entrée for yourself off a menu? Do you like hole in the wall breakfast joints or the fancy schmancy places? Well, we can try both. We are hoping to have 2-3 brunch related events per month. If you have places we should try, send us a message!

We also plan to have brunch together at potlucks, picnics, food festivals, etc. And related to food, we may do volunteer events, food road trips, tastings, cooking classes and more.

Looking forward to brunching with you!

Some housekeeping comments:

We tend to follow this strange phenomenon of taking pictures of our food and/or our people and post them on the Meetup website. If you prefer not to be in these pictures, please hide when pictures are being taken.

At this time, we have added membership fees of $1 for each event that you attend. Remember, it costs both money and time to run this site, and to host events (especially the potlucks that are held at members' homes). In addition, any donations to our organization would be greatly appreciated, in whatever denomination you see fit--small or large. All monies will be used to help cover the costs to maintain this fun and unique group.

Organizers work hard to bring you memorable dining or social experiences. We ask that you do your best to attend events that you sign up for and to update/change your rsvp promptly. It is disappointing to plan an event, have 15 people sign up, and then have only 3 people show. Because of this, our group will have a 3 strike policy for cancellations within 24 hours of the event and for no-shows. If you get to 3 strikes, membership with this group will end. We hope you understand.

Your attendance to our events is voluntary. As such, you agree to not hold the event organizers responsible for any harm that may befall you. Let’s brunch safely together!

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Ashland Hill this Sunday!

2807 Main St


Sorry for the late notice, but I just read about this place in Santa Monica and was able to secure reservations for 10 this Sunday. RSVP please, and join the waiting list if you can't get a spot. People change their status up until the last minute. The menu looks delish! Don't forget the $1 fee, and please, please try not to cancel at the last moment!

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