Hack Night / Get Together


Our monthly hack session returns this Friday. These sessions serve as a place to:

• Hack on a project

• Learn something new

• Ask us questions

• Or just come to hangout! 😄

But most importantly to have fun!

It is open to everybody of all ages and all levels of knowledge. We are even welcome to those interested to learn more about technology or wanting to know how to do things with technology. Think of us as your technology enabler helping you to get done want you want with tech


• Bus mapping/routing/playing around http://ltd.gov.bn/SitePages/EOIPubBus.aspx

Other News

• New meet up in town http://www.meetup.com/Brunei-Functional-Programming-Meetup/

Not able to join us physically?

• Join the Brunei Geek Meet Slack community https://bruneigeekmeet.slack.com (https://bruneigeekmeet.slack.com/)

• If you need access to the Slack channel try getting an automated invite via http://slack.bruneigeekmeet.com/ otherwise ping Tim with your email (due to the way Slack works, your email will be seen by everybody in the community, thus utilise an email that you are happy people to know)