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It's the final month of the year and let's have a night of chatter and code! Last week was the Hour of Code https://hourofcode.com so anybody wanting to learn to code is more than welcome to come and ask questions or if you want to go through any Hour of Code exercises we'll be available to help guide you through and help you learn! If you're wanting to go through any other code tutorials that's great too πŸ™‚ I may look into Tensorflow https://www.tensorflow.org/tutorials/ following on from Devfest last month https://www.meetup.com/GDG-Brunei-Darussalam-Women-Techmakers-Brunei/events/255414669/

This month we'll talk about APIs which pair very well with webhooks that was discussed at last month's meetup https://www.meetup.com/BruneiGeekMeet/events/256483574/ to help you create custom functionality to help you build services and features into existing systems or even have it as a backend to a custom made interface!

The rest of the night will be available for chatter πŸ—£ and code πŸ’»

Hope to see you all there!

Note: If you're interesting to present a topic just let me know via DM / Twitter: @thewheat

[6:15] Mingle or get some food from Kontena Park
[6:30] Intro
[6:35] APIs: interacting with 3rd party services to build custom applications! Covering things like
- version managers
- API authentication
- making your own APIs from existing systems that don't provide them
[6:55] I did a thing / #fixBruneiWebsites βš’
[7:10] Open floor discussion πŸ—£ and coding the night away πŸ’»

The "I did a thing / #fixBruneiWebsites" session is a place for anybody to
- share about things they have built (if anybody attended Brunei Hacks, would love to hear of any experiences https://www.instagram.com/brunei.hacks/ : I was there for only Friday night so I can share a couple of thoughts)
- or a place to chat about websites that could use fixing (See more details here: https://blog.thewheatfield.org/2018/10/16/brunei-car-prices-and-fixbruneiwebsites/ and a [recent write up](https://blog.thewheatfield.org/2018/12/01/fixbruneiwebsites-telbrus-horizontally-scrolling-website/) which seems to have been fixed on their site! πŸŽ‰ )

Who can attend?
Anybody! This meetup is open to everybody of any technical background. Can't come on time or need to leave early? No problem! We're free and easy so by all means still come over as we'd love to chat πŸ˜‰

How much is it?
It's free!

Ground Floor at iCentre
Simpang 32-37,
Kg Anggerek Desa, Jalan Berakas, BB3713.
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Food & Drinks
We'll have some light snacks available but feel free to order some food from Kontena park or Bello opposite at the D&T building

Got questions?
Ask them below in the comment section πŸ‘

What is Brunei Geek Meet?
Brunei Geek Meet is a meetup open to anybody of any technical background and aims to provide a community space for learning, sharing stories and information with a more technology focus. It serves as a space to

β€’ Learn something new πŸ“š πŸ€“
β€’ Hack on a project πŸ’» βš’
β€’ Ask questions / discuss topics ❔ πŸ—£
β€’ Just come to chill and hangout β˜•οΈ 🍰
β€’ But most importantly to have fun! πŸŽ‰