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Agile Coaching and Beyond is the first Scrum Alliance endorsed User Group in Romania. Our mission: We want to transform the way Agile Coaching profession is being perceived in Romania.

Our philosophy of coaching is to enable learning culture, increase team and organisation health and set the minds of the people on high performance. It is inspired by the Agile Coaching Competency Framework and was heavily influenced by ICF description of the coaching profession.

Join our safe environment on bi-weekly basis and benefit from:

• gain knowledge of coaching competencies
• practice newly acquired skills and enhance existing ones
• renowned global speakers

Please note: each event will take place both online and face to face simultaneously. Our speakers will join us remotely via Zoom.

Our Youtube channel is: Agile Coaching and Beyond (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC__PmEThffYD3gPFj_aLUiA)


A kind request to all participants and speakers. Since Scrum Alliance sponsors our User Group, please DO NOT promote any services or products. Thanks :)

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Earning Engagement in Virtual Meetings

Online event

Does your organization struggle with meetings? Do you find that groups and teams within your organization lack focus, cannot arrive at action items, and fail to really get anything done in meetings? Now that many of us in many more remote meetings, that misery is only amplified. There is a better way - earn engagement with good meeting design and proper facilitation! We will explore my proven “5 Ways of Distributed Meeting Design” and discuss key principles of facilitation that will help you design and execute your next meeting in the virtual space with ease. This conversation will equip you with ideas to tackle the way your organization meets, address the way it works, and start to change the culture toward one that is more collaborative and engaged. Target Audience Anyone who has ever been in a meeting, particularly those that are in virtual meetings a lot lately. Prerequisites for Attendees An appreciation for the value of collaboration, and a willingness to share experiences with awful remote meetings (so that we can all improve) Learning Outcome: - Describe the three pillars of meeting preparation and how to create an engaging container for your meeting - Examine virtual collaboration tools and describe how to use the simplest tool that could possibly work principle in your next meeting - Evaluate the 5 ways of virtual collaboration and illustrate how to use them with your teams to make your virtual meetings more effective Experiment with some virtual liberating structures and judge how to use them for other events Jason Schreuder - BIO Jason is the owner of Inspired Iterations and a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), the premier Certified Agile Coach designation within the Scrum Alliance. As a guide for Scrum, he helps build agile teams to execute any work. He also teaches and coaches agile principles and values which helps leaders evolve through change and become more responsive, adaptable, and future proof. Jason has a diverse background of leadership, coaching, facilitation, and team-building skills gained from years in the military and the engineering/technology industry. His mission is to help people, teams, and organizations gracefully adapt to a complex, ever-changing world. You can follow Jason’s musings and learn more about him at iterationsofjason.com.

From Fixed to Growth; Expanding our Mindset to Expand the Mindset of Others

So, you have a team closed to the idea of any of the agile frameworks, what now? How can you help them open up to the idea of anything you want or need to teach them? This session will teach you about the Fixed and Growth mindsets and how to use multiple strategies and Powerful Questions to bring fixed mindset folks around to considering the growth mindset. The techniques introduced in this session are applicable to both your teams and to the work you may do with leadership alike. BIO Karen is an Agile Evangelist, a Scrum Synergist, and a Fearless Transformational Leader. She is CSM, CSPO, CSP, SAFe Agilist (SA), CAL1 certified, ICAgile Coach and Agile Team Facilitator certified. Moreover, Karen is an ICAgile Certified Instructor for ICP-AHR and ICP-ENT. She serves on the Agile Open NorCal conference organizing and regularly serves on the organizing committee for Agile Games West. Moreover, Karen has succeeded in transforming teams and businesses into well-oiled Agile engines that purr. She has successfully coached managers and leadership to better understand their complimentary role within Agile. Lastly, Karen co-authored a white paper: Creating champion Scrum Teams and the accompanying Playbook for Creating Champion Scrum Teams One Team at a Time .

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How much Coaching is there in your Agile Coaching?

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