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Inspiration Journaling Workshop can hold your thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and dreams. Many people use inspiration journals as a way to stay motivated and to encourage themselves during difficult times.
This 2-hour workshop will help you to:

 Start your day inspired
 Face life challenges and changes in a fun way
 Gain a better understanding of your life’s path
 Learn about the meaning and purpose of creating an inspiration journal
 Be more in tune with your TrueSelf

Workshop includes:
A journal and materials to start your inspiration journey ….handouts, play
time, and some guided meditation to help facilitate your journaling experience. Deciding how to decorate your inspiration journal, find inspiration, what to write inside, and how often you’ll use it are all decisions that are unique to you! Use your journal as a way to motivate you to accomplish your goals and reflect on your life. Feel free to bring any books with you that you would like to take quotes from.

“My work explores the complexity of art and the spiritual relationships we have, invoking human behavior by participating with the art itself. I've been an artist all my life, it's just something that is natural as breathing to me. My hope is that you find something in my art that inspires you...
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Fee: $20