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Hi, I have been doing events on meetup.com for a long time. I took some time off from doing events but I'm back and want to share a new hobby of mine with you. A lot of you may know me for doing fitness and wine & food tastings. I picked up a new hobby that I really enjoy that I think a lot of you would enjoy either by competing or spectating.

At one time in your life I bet you have played a game of darts. I would go on to say you probably had a fun time doing it. I want to create events that will bring everyone together from beginners to experienced league plays that will get everyone involved in the fun. I know people who have played beer pong that pick up darts every quickly.

Typical dart tournaments only the people that win get a prize. I want to experiment with ways that will allow everyone a chance to win and participate in the fun.

So please join me in making this happen and let's have some fun & win some prizes together.

Also visit us at BullsEyeDartEvents.com


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Sunday bar in Farmingdale NY

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