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What we’re about

Update November 2023: Hello all! I am unable to schedule any events at this time. If you are interested in creating an event through this group or you want to contact me about anything else I do see messages sent to this group. Or you can use Jonathan [at] Be well.

This is a group to discuss all things Stoic (the philosophy, not the dictionary definition).  Stoicism is philosophy going back to ancient Greece.  It has a focus on application to living everyday.  
A basic principle of Stoicism is that there are things in life we control and things we do not.  Related to this is that it is not the things in life itself that bother us but our opinion of those things.  Stoicism seeks to find joy and satisfaction from within.  The world around us may be good or bad but that does not have to determine our happiness.  The Stoic also sees all others as inherently worthy and seeks community with the world around him- her-self.

This group is for those interested in Stoicism as a practice or just plain interested in philosophy.  Stoicism and this group is about finding joy in life not telling others how to live it. 
Resources from past meetings can be found here: