What we're about

I want to reach out to men and women that have had their life changed due to an accident or act of war where they were burned and or even had their body changed dramatically.

I have not found support groups in Broward county for the many men and women who have suffered extensive burns throughout their body.

If there are any such individuals in South Florida area, I am starting this forum for the Broward and Dade county first. Let's see where it grows.

I'd like to know if you would be willing or interested in meeting as a support group.

The outside wounds heal, but the wounds inside do not always heal. The struggles of dealing with work, family, relating to others. The embarressment of the scars, the discrimination, how to cope?

I will be posting experiences in the discussion board. Please feel free to join in.

Posting pictures is completely optional. I am not posting any photos at this time.

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