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The California Backpacking Club is a small and private group of friends and is one of the most active adventure social organizations based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.

What makes CBC's events differant from other Meetup groups?

• CBC is the first social based backpacking Meetup that requires Leadership Council and Hike Leaders carry at least a Wilderness First Aid certification.

• We won't leave you hanging with hidden fees or other important details.

• You will have peace of mind when deciding on joining a trip or not. Everything is clearly spelled out including trail description, gear and experience requirements, what is included, excluded and if not included what you should expect to prepare for.

• We carefully plan out and consider every possible scenario before posting so there are no "surprises" after you RSVP

• Most of our events are all-inclusive. These events always include all the permit costs, first night lodging or car camping campground reservations and when required, speciality gear rental, trailhead shuttle and food drops.

The events offered by CBC are designed and carefully managed by and for only the most discerning adventure trekkers who demand unique, well planned and executed events in exchange for their responsible and frequent participation and contribution to the club and it's events. We welcome all those wanting to adventure trek regardless of nationality, race or sexual orientation to apply.

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• Localized Bay Area Backpacking Adventures:

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Legal Disclaimer and Release of Liability


CBC (California Backpacking Club) is not a company, but a co-op of friends who share the same passion of adventure trekking together. We do not certify the qualifications of the organizers or any of our members who lead or participate in these events. We may, however, solicit the services of professionals on many of our events.


Some trips will be more physically demanding than others. Only you know how much you can handle, so make sure you have read the complete trip description and are fully aware of the the physical requirements before you sign up, or you might be putting yourself and others into a dangerous situation. Should you have questions about the physical requirements of the trip, please contact the event organizer. By signing up and participating in any events posted by this group, you represent that you are qualified, in good health and in proper physical condition to participate in the event. If you are at all unsure of your physical abilities for an event, you agree to not participate. Periodically, we may ask for a full disclosure in advance of attending a trip if you suffer from any medical condition, physical disability or are currently suffering from any physical ailment or injury resulting in limitations of the feet, toes, back, spine, hips, knees, shoulders, neck, joints etc., that may hinder your ability to complete a trip on your own power or may become inflamed or easily re-injured during the normal and anticipated physical "wear and tear" conducive to and as described in the trip description.

As a participant in any of the organized meetups posted on this website, participant acknowledges that the nature of the event is adventurous and may involve a significant amount of personal risk. The participant hereby assumes all such risk and does hereby release the group and any of it's organizers from all claims and causes of action arising from any damages, financial loss or injuries or death resulting from these inherent dangers.


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