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Coding Portugal is a home for developers of all skill levels. Everybody's welcome, everyone's invited, everyone will take something home from our meetups. This is not your usual "experts talk, audience listens" kind of experience but a community driven meetup that embraces a knowledge exchange culture as well as a strict "nice to have you here"-attitude.

Isn't it amazing how many technologies you have to learn to follow the path of modern software development? Be it blockchains for storing transactions, machines taking decisions based upon digital learning sets, virtual clusters providing computing power for scaled applications and command line tools that improve your workflow: it's nearly impossible to keep an eye on everything.

That's where we jump in: Instead of specialising on a dedicated topic, coding portugal was established to become a hub meetup for Portugal's coder community: every software development related topic is welcome here, every question may be asked and everyone should have a good time. There's only one golden rule: don't bore us with bs, talks have to be hands on, they must contain at least 1 line of code and in the best case they're massively supported by demos.

We are looking forward to your ideas for upcoming meetups. If you want to share any of your knowledge with a highly motivated community, this is the right place. If you want to demonstrate a software stack that you're using in your company or as a freelancer, this is the place to present. If you seek for an opportunity to spread the evangelism of the next big programming language: give a talk at coding portugal. We're embracing developers' lifestyle and we're here to connect you with likeminded people.

Here are some golden rules of coding portugal:

• we neither care about your gender, your skin tone, your religious views, the language your mother taught you nor your heritage or favorite science fiction series, we only care about you as a developer.

• no marketing, no recruiting, only tech and if possible: code (lets consider yaml valid, and of course you may announce that your company is hiring)

• don't bash one technology in favor of another without giving a concrete reason (Ruby is sh*t, Rust is much better, you know the game)

• one demo gets you rid of 10 slides so don't be shy and type live, we're all developers so we'll only laugh at cat pictures and obvious typos

• meetups are done in English (talk exceptions must and will be announced).

• food is not always free, but maybe you get a t-shirt

• everyone can become a developer

• everyone can become a better developer

• being a bad developer doesn't make you a bad person

• there are no bad developers

• you do talk about coding portugal

Shoot us a message if you want to help planning upcoming meetups, workshops, coding dojos or even hackathons. If you want to promote your developer related event: let us know, we're glad to support you, lets see if we can help!

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