March 7, 2017 Meetup


Join us in March for a pretty cool talk that'll have you communicating like never before.

Title: P2Pvidchatxplatxamwebrtc to create Hangskypetime

Summary: Be semi-social. Create your own video chat app to talk with friends from your home using the de facto standard in cross platform audio/video communication protocols. WebRTC standardizes the approach for browser and native applications with direct peer-to-peer secure communication of audio, video, and whatever other kinds of data you want to transmit. It can “fall back” to server relays if peer-to-peer cannot be established. In this walkthrough Xamarin brings the cross-platform native, while Frozen Mountain brings the cross-platform WebRTC implementation (which includes a community edition free!). Come check it out if you’re not busy and we’ll surely use some long words with no vowels. And if you want to be semi-social bring your own non-iOS device to participate in the demo.