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Steven Campbell - Rewire Your Brain to Find that Perfect Job

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Price: $5.00 /per person
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Presentation Topic:
Rewire Your Brain to find that Perfect Job

This talk is an eye-opening look at the latest research on how our brains lock onto what we truly desire. When you are looking for a job, your brain will literally rewire itself to find that job, including (1) What you want to do (2) Where you want to work and (3) How much money you need to make. Understanding this opens doors to create the business relationships, interviews, and the job offerings you desire. It’s not magic…it’s science.

Four Takeaways from “Rewire Your Brain to find that Perfect Job”
1. A practical knowledge of cutting edge brain research on creating a search plan that ensures success and overcomes your fears and complacency
2. The capacity to create new neural pathways which open up options that had never occurred to you
3. Understanding the relationship between your brain and your feelings and how they can work together effectively during your job search
4. The surprising power of thinking differently when you feel discouraged

Speaker’s Bio:
Steven Campbell of is the author of Making Your Mind Magnificent - Flourishing at Any Age. A retired professor who has dedicated years to understanding how our brain works and imparts knowledge on how we can use what he's learned to improve the quality of our lives. He is fantastic and everyone who has the great fortune of hearing him speak walk away with a new understanding of how we think and what we can do about it.

Meeting Details
Cost: $5 (cash only; no checks or credit cards); fee covers program, lunch, tax, and tip.
(Complimentary to our guest program presenter)

10:00-10:30 Arrival of attendees, check-in, open networking
10:30-10:40 Meeting starts, new member introductions
10:40-10:55 Job leads, contact requests, announcements, etc.
10:55-11:10 Open networking
11:10-12:00 Speaker presentation
12:00-1:00 Lunch and table networking