Kathleen Ronald - Get Your Life Back: De-Clutter Your Stress Triggers NOW!


Overview of topic:
In your busy world, stress is a silent killer! It is a major dis-ease that is affecting 98% of us. How do you deal with your stress factors? Shut down? Sleep to avoid? Surf the internet for distraction? Drink? Over-Eat? Drugs?

Those strategies may seem to give you temporary relief but overtime will cause you more stress in the long run and lead you to a myriad of other health issues. You must take the time to find “healthy” ways to deal with your stress factors.

Kathleen’s session will support YOU to FIND the healthiest way to manage your stress!

What sets this session apart from most stress sessions, is that Kathleen ensures that each person has their own customized de-stress strategy. Stress means different things to each person so a “boxed” remedy does not work for individuals.

In this session you will:
Identify your personal stress triggers
Learn how stress is affecting you, your health, and your job performance
Customize and Commit to your own personal stress reduction plan
Learn Kathleen’s personal stress reduction tips

Speaker’s bio:
Kathleen Ronald, “Business Growth Expert”, an internationally renowned speaker-trainer, an unparalleled networker, an award winning business consultant and poet, a contributing best-selling author and the founder of Speaktacular. Kathleen has more than 30 years of experience providing custom, inspirational keynotes, training seminars and consultancy to Fortune 500 companies, small business, and professional associations. She also appeared on The Doctor’s and The Dr. Phil show. In October of 2015, Kathleen was honored with the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service.

Kathleen excels at helping people expand their profits, productivity and peace! With an electrifying, comedic style, she delivers empowering programs that not only motivate but also produce bottom-line results.

With a lifelong reputation for uniting people and building communities, she has founded successful networking groups, Fortune 10/10 (a women’s investment group), and WOW (Women of Wealth) Ventures and co-founded WIN (Women in Networking). She is also featured in several books, “Miracle Thinking” by Randy Peyser, “Got Experts” by Michele Moliter, and “Ultimate Life Lessons – Take Control Of Your Life…. Instead Of Letting Life Control You” by Eve Grace-Kelly, Vinden Grace and Tracy Repchuk.

Kathleen has devoted over 25 years as a business consultant, helping companies, executives and solo-preneurs to develop strategies that support them to have first-year revenue increases of 20% to 50%. A dynamo on and offstage, Kathleen tells it like it is, with unabashed conviction and contagious enthusiasm.

Kathleen's website: http://www.speaktacular.com/

Meeting details
Cost: $5 (cash only; no checks or credit cards); fee covers program, lunch, tax, and tip.

10:00-10:30 Arrival of attendees, check-in, open networking
10:30-10:40 Meeting starts, new member introductions
10:40-10:55 Job leads, contact requests, announcements, etc.
10:55-11:10 Open networking
11:10-12:00 Speaker presentation
12:00-1:00 Lunch and table networking