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The San Francisco CyberSecurity group (SFCS) is dedicated to promoting cybersecurity awareness and education. We are the San Francisco chapter of the non-profit CyberSecurity Non-Profit (CSNP.org). Our goal is to make security knowledge and training accessible, so everyone can learn how to protect themselves and their organization from cyber threats. We address the growing demand for security professionals by facilitating career development and building a supportive and inclusive cybersecurity community, particularly for underrepresented groups. We accomplish this by hosting free monthly events featuring presentations, networking, hackathons, discussion panels, and technical workshops. Please feel free to come, enjoy food and drink, network, and learn about security.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence & How Sharing is Caring

Network event

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What is cyber threat intelligence (CTI)? How is it used today, how do you get started, and why is sharing caring? This presentation will lay out the foundations of the CTI domain, what success means in a CTI role, and dive into Grace's unique research around CTI sharing and collaboration networks. Perfect for audiences interested in learning about a new cybersecurity topic and for current CTI practitioners looking for tips & tricks.

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Grace is Cofounder and COO at Pulsedive. In her role, she works closely with CTI practitioners and defensive security teams all over the world, ranging from local consulting firms to enterprise operations. As a result, she has unique insights into the requirements and diverse traits of CTI success for individuals, teams, and organizations. On the weekend, she’s a hyper-serious cooperative board gamer and watercolorist.



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