Melanie Richards & Greg Whitworth - Open UI:​ Solving a Multi-Decade Problem​

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+++ Open UI:​ Solving a Multi-Decade Problem​ +++ by Melanie Richards & Greg Whitworth +++

Styling and extending native HTML controls or components (like select, input[type="file"] etc.) has long been a problem of the web platform.

We'll start our meetup with a 30-minutes-presentation which explores the problem, shows possible solutions and defines a process for a holistic approach to addressing the problem: the Open UI project.

Afterwards, we'll have another 30 minutes, during which we'd love to hear about your pain points with styling controls and what your opinion on the different ideas of the Open UI project are.

+++ Melanie Richards +++

Melanie Richards (@soMelanieSaid) is a product manager with a background in web design and development. She's currently helping shape new web technologies on the Microsoft Edge web platform team. She loves designing and building fun things for the web, and dabbling in 3D art.

+++ Greg Whitworth +++

Greg Whitworth (@gregwhitworth) is Director of Lightning Web Components, Lightning Application Services, and Standards & Web Platform at Salesforce. He co-chairs the Open UI Community Group and is a member of the CSSWG of the W3C.

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When: August 26th, 2021, 5PM CEST / GMT+2
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