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Hey, CSUN Web App Devs!

We've got a GREAT lineup for you this month! Please note that we're in the Granada Room in the USU this month. Here's a map of the USU if you don't know where that is: http://usu.csun.edu/about/pdf/USUDirectory-2-26-13.pdf

First up will be James Macaluso, Associate Director at the National Center On Deafness. Jim will do a lightning talk about the NCOD's Captioning Request form / system. This will provide insight into how the NCOD handles campus requests to caption multimedia. Jim will also talk about some of the features they'd like to see in an online captioning request system in the near future.

Alejandro Hernandez, web creative director from VISCOM will also be with us to talk about "Why Wordpress Is No Longer JUST A Blogging Platform." Alex will identify key components that make Wordpress truly a robust and feature rich CMS. He will also unmask common misconceptions that identify Wordpress as solely a blogging platform.

RESCHEDULED TO MAY'S MEETUP: Juan Atachagua, Human Factors Analyst from the Academic Affairs web team will also be joining us. Juan's presentation is "User Experience in Web Design: How to Apply User Centered Design Principles in Web Development."

If there's enough time, Paul Schantz, director of Student Affairs IT will talk a bit about developing a coherent strategy around web services and APIs.