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What we’re about

CT Hackerspace
30 Echo Lake Road
Watertown, CT
CT Hackerspace is located in Watertown, Connecticut, just north of the City of Waterbury .
Connecticut's Oldest Hackerspace. Providing a community workshop and prototyping center with a growing community to help make your ideas real by our ALL VOLUNTEER community. 


Interests / Search Tags:Projects, Arduino, CNC, Machining, Programming, shop, industrial, maker, makerspace, linux, soldering, welding, robot, robotics, engineering, steampunk, virtual, scifi, gps, fabrication, metalwork, music, circuit bending. DIY, nasa, OpenWrt, Linux, Wifi, Ethernet, building, open source, hacker, hardware, mesh network, laser cutter, ninjas, geeks, l33t, microcontroller, solar, internet of things


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