What we're about

CT Hackerspace
30 Echo Lake Road
Watertown, CT
CT Hackerspace is located in Watertown, Connecticut, just north of the City of Waterbury .
Connecticut's Oldest Hackerspace. Providing a community workshop and prototyping center with a growing community to help make your ideas real by our ALL VOLUNTEER community. 


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Upcoming events (4+)

Open House Night - PUBLIC WELCOME

CT Hackerspace

Member and Non-Members are free to attend our (always informal) Open Space Night. It's time to work on your project, hang out with the group or just check out the space. We have a plethora of tools and knowledgeable people at your disposal. Come visit and join in the fun, We look forward to meeting you and having you part of our community.

How to ‎find us:

CT Hackerspace at 30 Echo Lake Road, 3rd floor Watertown, CT. GPS will get you to the address. If the front gate is closed, then follow Silk Street around to the back of building. Parking is in the lower lot, or if available, select spots at the top of the ramp,

Even though it is passed most regular business hours, please be respectful not block loading bays or active businesses. Entrance is the rear main door on second level, follow the signs and take one flight up. The Rear Entrance is located up at the top of the ramp.

Board Meeting

CT Hackerspace

The board of CT Hackerspace holds their monthly meeting the first Thursday of the month. People of our community are welcome to attend these meetings to learn more about our organization as well as having an opportunity of a direct forum to share their concerns and ideas.

Developer Night At CT Hackerspace (First and Third Fridays, Monthly)

Come join us twice a month to share and learn about the craft of software development, at CT Hackerspace. We are a group of developers, programmers, hackers, creators and inventors committed to learning new coding skills, and furthering our software projects. In addition we can share projects, opportunities, and how-to's in different aspects of our community. All are welcome.

Action Meeting 2nd & 4th Tuesdays for CT Hackerspace

CT Hackerspace

Ct Hackerspace's Action meetings !

Ideas require actions for best results. Members of the CT Hackerspace's board invite any members of the community to join them in Action meeting night.

At CTH Action meetings, The board will discuss in more detail the plans for CTH and dive into the details and actions to move the space's improvements and growth forward.

If you are interested, and would like to be more involved in shaping the future and potential of CT Hackerspace, we invite you to attend to participate and take action!

Decisions are made by those who show up!

Items in our upcoming Action meeting include, but not limited to tasks committed to at previous action meetings, add any new pertinent items, and ANYTHING you want to improve our workshop.

Past events (1,457)

Open House Night - PUBLIC WELCOME

CT Hackerspace