PC Lab Ribbon Cutting LAN PARTY!

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CT Hackerspace & Makerspace
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CT Hackerspace celebrates our new PC lab featuring 9 Desktops, 2 large screen overhead displays all hard wired to our gigabit switch. With the intended use in for teaching and collaborating programming, CAD CAM, and web design, it's still viable for some entertainment use as a base for some great LAN party and gaming use!
CTH member Jason is prepping the space for the party, and taking requests for games to preload and checking for network preparedness. On the initial list of games, we have Doom, Counterstrike, Red Faction, Starcraft, Minesweeper, and more.
CTH member and DJ Rocco will be helping set the mood with lights and music.
We'll add pizza and beverages to the mix for what should be a great night of fun.
Add suggestions in the comments to how to improve the party even more.