CT VR AR Enthusiasts At the District New Haven


Our Meetup's formula is a two part session with a keynote speaker and a hands on XR development workshop. During this Meetup, we will start with a presentation from Spheregen who will be sharing an insider's perspective on how AR and VR is being used in the modern marketplace. After our presentation we will go hands on by installing Unity 3d and creating a basic application that can be built to most VR, AR, mobile, Windows and OS devices. Before we start the workshop we will explore several SDK's and determine which solution will best suit our collective needs. We look forward to sharing what we know and learning more from those who attend.

About Venue: The District's mission is to equip people and businesses with the space, resources and opportunities to make an impact. Their vision is to create a community that fuels positive economic and social impact in Connecticut.

About Spheregen: We make the integration and exchange of critical business information easy. We do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach, we combine cloud and on-premise delivery with scalable, customizable solutions that support any application and protocol. Whether you want to completely outsource data integration, do it yourself, somewhere inbetween, SphereGen offers a combination of products, tools and data integration services for your specific business needs.

Please bring:
Laptop with Unity installed
Mobile Phone VR Headset ($10 at Walmart/Target/Best Buy) (there will be a few extra available first come first serve)