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[Note: This group is looking for an owner! I took it over for someone I knew in Calgary when it was about to disappear, but I actually live in Toronto and am focused on running the Toronto Philosophy Meetup. If you live in Calgary and would like to build a philosophical community there with this group, esp. as the pandemic ends and people want to meet in person again, please be in touch! You can also organize events in this group without becoming the owner, though. Ownership of the group requires the payment of monthly fees, but you'll be completely in charge. The description below was put together by a previous owner of the group.]

Welcome to the Calgary Philosophy Meetup! We're a local community for people interested in reading and discussing philosophy, whether entirely new to the subject or with more experience. We hold discussions and other events on a broad range of philosophical topics and problems. No previous experience is required for any of our meetups, only a willingness to read and engage with the works being discussed.

The goal of our meetups will be to critically engage with the readings in a semi-academic manner (while being as accessible as possible). The standard meetup format will be a quick summary of the text and/or argument, a chance to go around the table and discuss what we thought of the text and whether the authors' argument was successful or unsuccessful, followed by a more open-ended discussion of the problem at hand. The goal of this isn't to be overly structured, but to allow everyone a chance to share their thoughts on the work. Participation isn't required, but is strongly encouraged!

The only basic ground-rule is to please, as with everywhere else in life, be polite and respectful during discussions.

Other than this, please try and give the reading for that meetup your best effort before attending. If you find yourself struggling with one of the texts, that's a good thing! We often learn the most when this happens. Give it your best effort and don't be discouraged from attending! During discussions, we'll try and approach the work we're reading charitably and engage with it in good faith. What's most important when reading or discussing a work isn't whether you agree or disagree with the text or point of view, but why you may agree or disagree. We know that everyone has busy lives and may not have huge amounts of spare time to sit around and read, so we'll try to keep the amount being read for meetups at a very reasonable level.

Feel free to propose topics you would like to see (you can do this on the Message Boards), and please contact the organizers if you would like to host an event yourself, or organize events on a regular basis.

Upcoming events (4+)

Nature vs Nurture — #3 “The direction of Me..” series

Looking into your eyes mother, as I took my first breaths.. out of the sac..
I have come with a mind …
Am I that white blank piece of paper waiting to be “Me” with every trace of every colour of .. every marker ? With every drop of tear sliding through my lashes? With every footprint on my existence as I .. struggle to .. live!
Am I the carrier of the secrets as ancient as life itself?
I wonder dear mother; who would I be to Me and who to .. you….
On the second session of “The direction of Me” series, we will discuss Nature vs Nurture.
A dichotomy of great importance in Philosophy and Psychology with much literature to read!
From Plato and Socrates’s Naturism approach towards understanding the origins of our thoughts, behaviour and becoming, to Aristotle’s empiricism and Locke’s dismissal of any innate ideas and, all in between, Nature vs Nurture is a great topic to sort through in this session@ Minds&Hearts Without Borders !

As always you are encouraged to bring your life experiences and wisdom. The person in you is important to attend. The words in the books can only teach so far. Join with an open mind , open heart and authenticity.
Let’s learn “us” together !
- Advertising your groups, channels or etc. In any manners Is strictly prohibited unless written permission is given.

Movie Night: Aparajito

Online event

Let's watch Aparajito (1956)

Fika’s Conversation Cafe, Int’l——Open topic Philosophy— Saturday Light Night!

Please read as changes have been made!

for Saturday sessions due to the nature of the events!once we get to know each other feel free to take breaks.
** Should we get; 1 — friends interested in personal philosophy and everyday life matters on one side and 2 — those interested in intense and academic Philosophical discussion on the other, I would open BREAKOUT rooms to provide everyone with an enjoyable fulfilling evening.
*** zoom link will be provided about an hour prior to the starting of the event.
You are strongly encouraged to go through “Minds&Hearts Without Borders” for a hassle free connection AND learning about our discussions throughout the week;


🌳This is an evening of friendly get together and light conversations! Come and stay for as long as you wish.
Make new friends from around the globe or spend time with us;the regulars ;)
The time is set for 2 hours and beyond…

It’s a light night, it is meant to lift our spirits and help us take break from all the serious issues we deal with during the week.
Attendees may present topics, I will probably take a quick vote and the topic with most votes will be discussed. We will have time for more than one or two topics .
Bring your light heart and sense of humour :)

Advertising of your ( or any other) groups, channels, products and etc. in any form and way (without email permission) Is not permitted.

Let’s traverse a number of amusing concepts; horrorscope ; the amalgamation of the water and the earth. A game of hot potatoes with the moon ! And...!
Can you sing? Or.. whisper a song you don’t even know the words to? I can and will !
Maybe you can run your anxiety ridden fingers on the trembling strings of a violin, a guitar..!
Or.. maybe you feel a need to engage us in a sensationally beguiling confabulation! Bring it on!
And If none of the above is of your desire to partake in, come light to meet and mingle!
This is an evening of fun and friendly get together and light conversations! :)


Fika’s Conversation Cafe,EUROPE, Intellectual discussions &Applied Philosophy

Dear friends,
Please read as changes have been made!
CAMERA and MIC MANDATORY for Saturday sessions.
This session at this particular time is designed and published to provide a more convenient,comfortable time for our friends joining from Europe, Asia and…!
Everyone is welcome to join with open Minds&Hearts!
Feel free to bring your lunch, dinner, drink and.. your life experiences with you.
There’s only so much we can learn from reading, let’s engage in applied Philosophy and examine the world around us and..doing so, make new friends from around the globe !
Advertising of your ( or any other) groups, channels, products and etc. in any form and way (without email permission) Is not permitted.

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My colour of .. LOVE! #2. The direction of Me .. series

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