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We strive to provide opportunities for the concerned secular humanist / non-theist community to improve lives through participatory sharing of skills, inspiration and social connections.

Read all about it! Our SOL-DAY topics for the next few months!

April - Learning from Bad Arguments.

May - Considering Pascal's wager.

Check the website for more details https://www.calgarysecularassembly.net/

Our Sol-day (and Kid-day) is a monthly “community time” where we meet as friends and families, sharing stories and hopefully being inspired while enjoying some coffee and snacks. Recent topics have been:

Dating for Secular Humanists - Geological Time Dating: Radiometrics, dendrochronology, etc.

Do You Believe in Magic? Cromwell’s Urine & Gwyneth’s eggs - Science based medicine.

The Oasis Experience - Improving community via participation and fine-tuned organizing.

Meaning of Life - Inspirations and clichés for getting you out of bed each morning.

Critical Thinking for Getting Along - How to disagree and still manage to get along.

Maslow vs. Moses - A suggested alternative for those pesky stone tablets.

Smart Recovery for Addictions vs. Faith-based Therapy - The alternative to faith-based addiction programs.

Give a Fish or Teach How to Fish? - Issues of charity, justice and mercy.

Leaving Fundamentalism - Tribulations, recovery and current damage-control organizations.

I Am Alive, & More Than That — I Am Living! - Emotions, moods - and techniques to understand them.

Where Do Our Morals Originate? - Understanding the myriad of the sets of moral values.

Similarity Arguments for Evolution - Investigation of Homology and DNA for various species.

The Pub Social features monthly insightful and engaging conversation over brews, hoppy or not.

Outdoor (think — hikes, skiing, BBQ's) and other special events are posted as they develop.

We are low-key casual. An RSVP is requested as it helps with our planning, but is not required.

We strongly believe in the concept of evolution, so feel free to drop in with new ideas for topics and activities — or just message us.

Also, check out our website at https://www.calgarysecularassembly.net/

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