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Genealogy 101 - Find Your Family!
I've been interested in my family history since my university days (pre-internet!) and recently re-started my research. Online resources abound, and software & community databases make it so easy to look up information, but there's a lot of confusion over where to go for the best information, what to look for, whether you can do it for free or need to pay for subscriptions or software, etc... I'M NOT AN EXPERT, but I've been actively working on this hobby for about 15 months, use several programs & websites, and want to share what I know with others who might need a little help getting started. WHAT WILL WE DO TODAY: An introduction to genealogy research - what to look for, where to search, how to filter out bad info, and keep the good info, etc. I expect that I will spend a half-hour introducing the basics of how & where to look for family info - and warning of false trails (to avoid spending a lot of time going down the wrong path). Then we would split into smaller groups & start you working on your own family information, using free resources online to start. We (whatever volunteers with experience can join me) would demonstrate the various software & websites we use, each of which has its pros and cons; what's good for you depends on what you want to get out of your research. The Library has lots of genealogy resources ( where you could get started right away, and we'd help get you started. I have booked the room until 2pm, when I expect we would go down the street to have lunch; then could return to the library for further research. This is the IDEA LAB, and it's in the NEW LIBRARY BUILDING. The new building isn't formally open until November 1, but the group rooms are available now. VOLUNTEERS REQUESTED: If a couple of you DSNers who also dabble in this hobby, join me at 10:00 when the place opens; we can discuss our own expertise & resources, and decide who/how/what we can do to share info/resources with others. Several of us with laptops can take small groups of others through various programs/websites - I doubt we'd get to 1-to-1 training, but this is a casual, social gathering with a purpose, not a formal class. EVERYONE ELSE: Plan to arrive around 10:45, and we will plan to start a 'group session' at 11:00. If you have a laptop or tablet, bring it along & you can run your own stuff. Otherwise, those of us with machines can share/demonstrate. DSN usually requests a $1 fee to help with the Meetup site costs; as this is an 'experimental' type of event, just feel free to donate something if you find any value in it... Bring along some writing paper/pads, pens/pencils, a laptop or tablet if you have one, and whatever family info you have to start from. Library info:

Calgary Public Library - Central Library - 5th Floor Idea Lab

616 Macleod Trail SE · Calgary, AB


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