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UX Design Trends in VR & AR Games

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Calgary UX is honoured to partner with General Assembly to bring a new series of events. Join a conversation with Pushkar Patange, UX Lead Designer at Archiact.


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About the event:
Gaming appeals to people of all generations: 86% of Generation Z, 84% of millennials, and 80% of Generation X play video games on their gaming consoles, smartphones, and PCs at least once a week, if not every day. If current trends persist, gaming may entice more consumers away from watching streaming TV and movies.

Included in those trends are UX/UI design principles. The complexity of video game graphics has evolved exponentially. This evolution involves the integration of UX/UI design. Join us to discover if this field is meant for you, but most importantly, which components are here to stay in the world of VR.

About the speaker:

Pushkar is a UX UI design lead with a focus on VR and AR digital experiences in Vancouver, Canada. His goal is to create the most immersive experiences in virtual and augmented reality. With a BFA in Design and a Masters in Digital Media, he has over 15 years of design and advertising experience in some of the world’s leading design studios and ad agencies.

Over the last few years Pushkar has been working at a world-leading VR and AR game studio - Archiact, where he recently worked on Doom 3: VR Edition. It’s a finalist for VR Game of the Year at the 2021 International VR Awards and has been well received among diehard fans. He is currently is working on a major VR production (undisclosed) in addition to other exciting projects.

Pushkar also teaches Data Visualization and Human-centered design at a VRAR program in Vancouver.

Learn more about his work here:

You'll be able to learn more about:

* Understanding video game mechanics
* Reducing cognitive friction
* Usability, accessibility, and ergonomics
* Bringing players back
* Existing design trends


Behind every great AI there’s a great Human: How to design AI responsibly

Calgary UX is happy to welcome Ruth Kikin-Gil, Responsible AI strategist, Senior Designer at Microsoft.

About the event:

Behind every great AI, there’s a great Human
How to design AI products responsibly, and why that matters

Responsible AI is a human-centered approach to developing, designing, and deploying AI and ML products. It's principled, Collaborative, proactive and contextual and it is critical that we all start practicing it now. The talk will explain why it is important, and clarify when to practice it, why should designers care, and what can you do to start tomorrow.

About the speaker:

Ruth Kikin-Gil is a design strategist that leads the Responsible AI practices for Microsoft’s Security, Compliance, and Management (SCM) organization and a co-creator of the Guidelines for Human-AI interaction. In addition, she teaches design at the Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE) department in the University of Washington, Seattle. Her career focuses on product innovation across devices, input methods and platforms, including designing future experiences for Office, creating future scenarios an incubation lab, and working on a strategy team. Prior to Microsoft she founded a design agency, worked in startups and as a consultant. She is a Bezalel academy of Art and design Alumna and earned her Interaction Design degree from Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (IDII) in Italy.

More about Ruth:

Freelancing 101 for Designers

Online event

Calgary UX and General Assembly a conversation with Mellisa Morgan, Creative Consultant, Freelance Designer & Entrepreneur.


Please, RSVP and complete the registration at General Assembly page. Thank you!



About This Event
Do you prefer to keep a flexible schedule? Do you find it more convenient and productive to work from home? Do you want to escape the bureaucratic environment of corporate industry, and embrace the freedom and empowerment of determining your own workflow, project content, and pay scale? Or, are you simply looking for a way to expand your professional portfolio, or supplement your current income? If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, then freelance work might be right for you. Whether you are an experienced designer or just starting your career, freelance work can provide you with the freedom and flexibility you desire, or the experience and credibility you need, while leaving you with enough energy and motivation to pursue your interests outside of work.

Join us for a masterclass examining how to know your worth from a freelancer's point of view, sharing key learnings, challenges, and secrets of success in a fun format.


About the Instructor

Melissa Morganis a Creative Consultant, Freelance Designer and Entrepreneur. She started her first company at age 19, becoming an award-winning CEO in the technology space. For the past 4 years, she's worked as a full-time freelancer with clients ranging from industry leaders to startups, contracting her for expertise in design, entrepreneurship, marketing, brand strategy, art direction, illustration, and more.

Melissa's clients range from local startups to industry leaders such as Harvard Business School, NBC Universal, and UEFA. She has been recognized as an individual who "thinks differently" by CTV, Chatelaine, the Globe and Mail, Arlene Dickinson's "YouInc" website, the Stratford Gazette, and others.

Whenever time allows, Melissa enjoys mentoring aspiring designers and acting in commercials!

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