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Together, we connect people, celebrate talent, share knowledge and collaborate with communities around us.

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Ruling Principles and Code of Conduct
The Calgary UX is a community that aims to create a safe and welcoming environment for all attendees. We expect all participants to follow our ruling principles and code of conduct to achieve this.

Our ruling principles

Step 1: Build trust, and be kind.
Develop connections based on personal and professional trust. Kindness is at the core of every interaction.

Step 2: Create creative spaces
Create and maintain a safe space for deep-focused conversations, creative confidence and experimentation.

Step 3: Active collaboration
Perform short-term action plans with precise results in mind. We are all volunteers, be very transparent about how much time and energy you are willing and capable of committing.

These principles include building trust, creating a safe space for creative conversations and collaboration, and actively working together to achieve specific goals.

All participants must be considerate, respectful, and collaborative and refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behaviour. Anyone who witnesses or experiences unacceptable behaviour should alert Calgary UX staff as soon as possible.
Any reports will be kept confidential, and Calgary UX staff will take appropriate action to ensure everyone feels safe. This code of conduct also applies to online interactions and social media. Calgary UX reserves the right to investigate and address incidents that violate these principles, even if they occur outside of Calgary UX events or if legal proceedings are pending.

Our common goal is to preserve our guiding principles and create a positive experience for everyone.

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