What we're about

Podcasters and podcast fans networking and learning. Monthly speakers to help you to build or improve your podcast. Join us!!!

Held on the first Tuesday of each month in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara)

Held on the third Tuesday of each month in Oakland (Lede Restaurant/Studio To Be)

Held on the last Tuesday of each month in Sacramento (Oak Park Brewery)

Do you love 99% or Snap Judgement or Serial Podcasts?

Thinking about starting a podcast?
You will connect with like-minded people who have started or are about to start leveraging podcasting to improve their own personal and/or professional brand.
It’ll be an informal atmosphere where you’ll be free to network and exchange thoughts about podcasting that you may not have had before.
Learn best practices and thoughts about podcasting from other podcasters and audio experts at the event.
Are you a podcaster or do you desire to podcast?
Are you entrepreneurial in nature and do work for yourself or hope to do so?
Is your mindset a positive “can do” attitude?
Would you like to learn from others in new media?
If you answered YES to these questions then this is the event and community for you!

Past events (59)

Infinite Dial 2021 with Tom Webster

Online event

iPad Podcasting Basics with Joel Sharpton

Online event

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