Promise and Peril of Quantum Computing - Session II

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California Software Professional Association (CSPA)
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Within the next decade it’s realistic the bit will be replaced by the qubit, a change that will radically transform society and prepare Homo Sapiens like no other technology since fire, to step boldly into the solar system and beyond.

Attending this event is an especially time (and cost) effective way to become acquainted with both the technology and major players in this vibrant emerging sector.

Even more, to acquaint a wider audience with why Quantum Computing deserves attention, we're offering a pre-session learning opportunity at 5PM - ‘Q4U’ – Quantum for The Unfamiliar. (More below.)

In the main session, you’ll hear from a panel of highly accredited experts describe their work and discuss key issues like:

- What approaches both corporations and countries are taking, along with their timetables for deployment
- Which applicant sectors are receiving attention
- Who’s attracting venture capital and from whom they’re receiving funding
- What resources are available for you to become more engaged

NOTE: Seating in venue is limited by Fire Marshal regulations. Given the exciting topic and no charge, it's likely the space will fill up quickly. So it’s highly recommended you RSVP now, assuring you a seat.

If a commercial scale quantum computer can be built, it will solve a wide range of important problems exponentially faster than even today's best supercomputers.

So far, no one has built an industrial grade quantum computer, but as you’ll learn by attending, many companies – some large, other startups – as well as globally recognized research institutions, along with several nations are all working hard to deliver a commercially viable machine.

If you’re an ambitious and results-driven entrepreneur, keeping up to speed on the latest developments in Quantum Computing is the best move you can make to assure your continued success.

Moderator - Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Ventures
Joe Latone, IBM Quantum
Stefan Leichenauer, GoogleX
Nima Alidoust, Rigetti
Yewon Gim, AT&T Palo Alto Foundry
Hratch Achadjian, Google Quantum Computing & AI
Krithik Puthalath, Cambridge Quantum Computing
Fabio Sanches, QCWare

NOTE: PRE-SESSION LEARNING OPPORTUNITY - 'Quantum for The Unfamiliar' - ‘Q4U’

If you're struggled with the science behind why Quantum Computers will radically transform society or a bit rusty on what makes quantum devices operate, then come at 5PM and we'll bring you up to speed on 'superposition', 'entanglement' and related cool (literally, near Absolute Zero) quantum phenomena.

In summary, attending these highly informative sessions on Quantum Computing is an excellent opportunity to jump into the loop on this technology sure to make a historical impact in both commerce and culture. Lacking the insights the panel will address, you’ll be at a disadvantage to those who are informed of the timetable of this genuinely transformative technology.

5:00 – 6:00PM Pre-Session ‘Q4U’ – Quantum for The Unfamiliar
6:00pm Check in, Networking, Food & Refreshments
6:00 - 6:15 - Introduction
6:15 - 7:15 - Quantum Computing Firms Presenting Product & Progress
7:15 - 8:15 - Panel Discussion
8:15 - 9:00 - Meet Panelists & Networking

SPONSORS – Because our sponsors believe in contributing to the startup community, we have access to a great venue, including food/drinks, so you feed both your mind and stomach.

VENUE – Google Cloud – Committed to open source and industry leading price performance, Google Cloud platform is fully featured for all enterprises, delivering secure core infrastructure, data analytics and machine learning.

FOOD/DRINKS – Buchalter, a regional law firm with offices in Los Angeles, Napa Valley, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Scottsdale and Seattle providing the full suite of business services necessary to assure a company’s commercial success.

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