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This is a Meetup Group for experiences in California and surrounding areas including music, museums, parks, dancing, restaurant, parties and other related meetups.

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This is a Meetup Group for anyone interested in outdoor adventures such as hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, camping, kayaking, bouldering, skiing, snowmobiling etc. (https://www.meetup.com/LasVegasAdventures/)@ https://www.meetup.com/CaliforniaOutdoorAdventures/

Our West Coast LA Based Parent Travel Meetup Group with our Travel Related Events and Group Travel for a Variety of locations including our Meet & Greet Informative "Urban Walkabouts" and other Meetups where you can also meetup with the Guides/Drivers of our Group Travel Tours. Open to ALL ideas and suggestions for Travel Related FUN!!! (https://www.meetup.com/GoodwillAmbassadorsTravel/) @ https://www.meetup.com/GoodwillAmbassadorsTravel/

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I am as many of us Blessed to be involved in multi projects/businesses on the U.S. West Coast and U.S. East Coast. Suggestions are always welcomed to make these Meetup Groups Better and Better!!! Thanks, Steve.


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Personal Growth and Spiritual Transformation this Weekend

Needs a location

Hi Guys, I've been a part of this group for awhile now, and posting mostly about James Hyman events. Some of you may have wondered, "Why does she keep doing this? What does Deep Emotional Release Work and Quantum-Theta Healing have to do with California Experiences? California is and always has been a Mecca for spiritual growth and personal transformation. Often, it's one of the first things people do when they come here. A session with James is transformational and healing, and takes you to another level of your personal and spiritual evolution. It is a wholistic approach, which integrates who you are at the deepest level with your internal energy system, your breath, your subconscious mind and your peace of mind. After the first time I worked with James I re-established my relationship with God and my Spiritual path on a much deeper level. After I worked with him a few times, for the first time in my life, I began seeing myself as an artist and healer. Over the years, with thousands of people, we saw that one of many benefits of James' work is that it opens up artistic expression, and connects people on a deeper level with their spiritual path, as well as their path as an artist and healer. I work with James now to maintain my equilibrium during these chaotic times. In every session, James helps you identify your core emotional issues, and release the associative patterns that you may be holding in the body and the subconscious mind, releasing blocked energy, and increasing personal power, clarity and connection to Self. He then takes you directly into Dzogchen ("dokshen"), a very deep Tibetan Buddhist meditative state, where you experience absolute stillness of the mind and real presence, which you can then establish as a new reference point for ongoing emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Finally, he takes you into the Quantum-Theta field, to connect with the highest frequencies of energy in the Present Moment, and imprint your shamanic vision for your life and future into the Quantum Field. James has been offering sessions for over 40 years, and hardly a day goes by that we don't hear from someone from the past, who may have done only one session with James 25 years ago, who lets us know how life-changing it was, and how their work with James is still making a difference in their life. Many famous artists have come through, including some of the most famous people in the world. Everyone experiences the same thing: Increased energy in their body, and new creative and spiritual energy in their lives. For most people, their session with James can be life-changing. James, now in his 70's, has not stopped growing internally, studying ancient texts, and working with clients individually. He believes his work now, exclusively over the phone, skype and zoom through the Quantum-Theta field, is more powerful than ever. Don't miss this powerful opportunity to work with one-on-one with a master teacher and healer, and access the Quantum-Theta field and ancient states of meditative bliss in just one session, where the mind is clear, the emotions are free-flowing and unobstructed, and one regains and connects with the confidence to maintain this level of Self-Awareness, no matter what's going on around you. Many blessings, Barbara For fees and more information and to reserve your time with James, please call Barbara, (323)[masked]

Beginner Backpacking to Waterwheel in Yosemite w/ hikes Grand Canyon of Yosemite

9-26 (optional) Camp at Valley Floor (have permits) 9-27 Begin at Trailhead at 10am. Get to and set up camp at Glen Aulin 9-28 Wake and head out for day-hike to Waterwheel AND Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne 9-29 Day Hikes up to Mcgee Lake and/or up Conness Creek 9-30 Wake and pack up and head back to trailhead and to home. Options Options Options Stats: Tuolumne Meadows 8,500 ft el. to Glen Aulin 7,900 ft el Total distance about 5.3 mi (one one) Total Elevation Change: - 600 feet over about 5 miles. Glen Auliun to Waterwheel is 7.5 mi round trip with about 1100 ft elevation change. This means our main backpacking portion will be a descent of 600. This means our return will be all uphill. This will be after eating our three nights of provisions and our packs are lighter. This means our difficult day hike (with no heavy packs) will be 1100 ft elevation change over 3 1/4 miles. Now you see why this is a "beginner" trip. We are not tracking major distance and elevation with heavy packs. We are traveling to a stunning area. Our campsite should have running water and vault style restrooms. This has everything you are looking for in your Yosemite trip – dynamic, cascading waterfalls, granite cliffs and valleys, lush meadows, lively forests, and a place to “commune with nature” as John Muir had written. The Glen Aulin trail is nothing short of magic. Take it from John Muir himself, 1869: “This is the most spacious and delightful high pleasure-ground I have yet seen… And though lying in the sky, the surrounding mountains are so much higher, one feels protected as if in a grand hall.” What's included and what's not. This is a led trip. However you do have some responsibility and "buy in." The main things provided are food, and site. Also of importance is the group first aid kit, water filter, cookware and cooking gear. As well as leading and curating of the trip. Included is the knowledge, expertise and safety. Also included is all the help you need to make sure you are outfitted for a safe and successful trip. We will be providing all with walkie talkies.You will need: The main things you will need are: Backpack Tent Sleeping Bag Sleeping pad ALL easy to rent from REI or Sports Basement As well as a host of smaller things such as aquatiner, knife, sunscreen, lip stuff and a bunch more. Such as clothing and etc. (the big things) can rented. Some can be borrowed too. A lot of the smaller things can be reg camping or household stuff repurposed. For instance . . . Sunscreen and lip balm and bug juice you likely have. Those who do sign on will get tons of lit. Here is how it will work. We will have our own "personal" gear and there is a whole bunch of "group" gear. Group gear is (for example) Stove, and fuel. Water filter. Food (in bear canisters). Cookware. Group gear gets divided (by weight) among the 11 of us. This is why a group trip can be better than solo where every person carries a stove and filter, and etc. This is one way we shave off weight by working together. The other way to shave off is if you have a two person tent. One of you carries the poles and fly, and the other carries the main body of the tent. The cost for all this? $375 Per Person Payment link https://py.pl/73TdGp8X84 Payment is the only way to secure your spot. WHAT?!?!?! Yes. This does include group gear and food. To do this trip on your own would cost over double to get all the gear. AND also as solo you would be too much to carry. This is intended as a beginner trip where you do not need to make the investment in all the gear and the gear/food is divided among those going to reduce the weight. Also included the safety gear and the guidance to make this a safe trip. Along the way we will also be doing orienteering and map skills.

California Fall Colors Photo Safari AND Glamping!!! Luxury Camping in Cabins!!

Fall Colors. In rest of the country . . .. a very big thing. People take weekend trips for them. For us . . . It's still around (in the city) . . . with subtlety. If you are willing to take a little trip to a lesser-known corner of the state . . . you can find it big-time. And this is what we are going to do. The Plan: We will use Cabins located at the Big Pine Lakes trailhead as our home base. This will be Glamping and not camping. No tent needed. No sleeping bag. Each person will get their own room (unless you are a couple and wish to share a bed). The cabins are event heated so you can be nice and toasty at night. There is a kitchen in the cabins, so there is no need to worry about cooking over a campfire. BUT . . . there are campfire pits and we will do that too. Itinerary: Fri- Arrive anytime after noon. You can get there as late as midnight or 1AM. There will be a bottle of wine an a bar of chocolate on your pillow. No tent to set up. Once you put your bags inside making camp is done. Hopefully you do not get there too late. At 6PM there will be dinner around the campfire (there are tables). Saturday is when the real fun will start: We are staying at Big Pine Canyon with Aspen, Birch, Cottonwood and Willows along with alpine scenery and views of the Palisade Glacier, the southernmost glacier in North America. We will save that for Sunday (along with Bristlecone Forest and the oldest living things on earth). We will start Saturday with Bishop Creek Canyon. It is one of the most beautiful places (in the state – if not the country) to witness magnificent Fall Colors display. We will (drive) up into the canyon where there are innumerable places to see the changing colors of the forest. The entire canyon comprises three forks of Bishop Creek – north, middle and south fork. A large lake marks the head of each fork, North Lake on north fork; Lake Sabrina on middle fork; and South Lake on south fork, with numerous other smaller lakes along the creeks. We will have ever changing views as you drive, and we will stop and do exploration on foot from from trail-heads to take you deep into the explosion of color. This will include heading to Lake Sabrina, South Lake & North Lake with gorgeous views of surrounding 13,000’ peaks dusted with snow for contrasting beauty. And will also include the waterfall across the road from Bishop Creek Lodge. After the Bishop Creek area we will head to Buttermilk Recreation Area. It’s a beautiful place to soak up sun among giant boulders and rock formations stands of aspen clustered around streams. Then on to Round Valley with cottonwoods and poplars A little after to Lower Rock Creek that offers the best display of creekside aspen groves. When then head back to elevation with Rock Creek Canyon. The nine-mile road slices through a glacier-carved canyon and is lined with aspen stands, rustic lodges, trails. The plan will be to take the Little Lakes Valley Trail at the end of Rock Creek Road At this point in the day . . . if still early we will head towards McGee Creek and through brilliant aspen groves. And to Convict Lake with vivid blue lake is a perfect contrast to bright gold aspens. When we get back to camp there will be a BBQ dinner and a campfire waiting to sit around and discuss the day. Sunday: Early morning we will head out up North Fork of Big Pine Canyon for more stunning vistas of color. If you are ambitions you can even go all the way to Big Pine Lakes. The Fall Color at the lower portions. The main plan is to go partially up Big Pine Creek for a shorter jaunt. Then depart and head to Bristle-cone Forest. There are ONLY 8 openings for this trip. Cost: $465 Per Person for your own room/bed. https://py.pl/lRaef $365 Per Person if share room. https://py.pl/BR8cg www.tr.im/MoreToExplore Includes cabin lodging/glamping. Dinner Fri and Sat. Guided tours. Photography tips and technique. Does not include Transportation or other meals Do NOT delay and miss this getaway.

Fall Colors Yosemite: 4 days/3 nights Camping. Get out and have safe fun!!

Yosemite is that amazing place you want to go but have not yet. You have heard it's amazing but you did not want to go on your own and none of your friends were willing to join you or be adventurous. & you have not been able to get out for a while too! & you want to get out and be safe! Camping is a very safe activity as we are outdoors and with distance & you have always want to try camping!!! This event is perfect for the First Timer or Beginner camper or you have been and can't wait to go again For this and many other reasons: This is the event for you!! Of course Yosemite is a massive place and there is always More To Explore. Yosemite is an entirely different park in each season. We are heading there for Fall. The Fall Colors will be in full force. Totally different from Spring, Summer or Winter. This is Fri, Sat, Sun nights and depart Mon. OR you can do a Fri and Sat, depart on Sun if you wish. Sat AM we will assemble and break into groups of where to go, and what to do. There will be Easy, Medium and Hard options. The Easy folks will be doing all the best spots. The Medium will do some medium hikes. The Hard folks will have several more challenging hikes to choose from and head out. Let's do some orienteering to get you a lay of the land. Yosemite is GIANT. For lack of a better breakdown . . it is 4 distinct areas, and you can easily spend a day doing each. *Yosemite Valley *Tolumne Meadows/Tenaya Lake/Tioga Pass *Glacier Point Road *Southern Yosemite/Wawona/Giant Redwoods What you miss doing one day . . . you have the next days. There is no need for FOMO. This event is meant to be more like a buffet where we lay out options so you do more of what you wish in the order and way that works best for you. What kind of camping is this? Answer: This is Tent Camping. Cars will be parked steps away outside our site. Our site has flush toilets, free showers and outdoor wash-stations. There are grills, if you don't want to use your stove, and to cook over wood. It is a mix of shade and open area. Plenty of fire-pits we can divide among several to keep distance. The site has an outdoor heated pool we can use, as well as a convenience store with anything you forgot. As far as campsite it's much nicer than most. Hey . . . what about the Apocalypse? Will we be safe? We will have full Covid precautions in place. The general idea is to break all areas of transmission. We have an ENTIRE large and private site where we will be able to maintain distance as needed. Masks and coverings as needed. Outdoor wash station. Food handling and food storage protocols. All safety requirements by the state and local will be in place. We will cut in half our total size and thus have half as many people as pre-pandemic in our large space. Don't delay. Don't wait. Yosemite is everyone's favorite and it is difficult to impossible to secure sites, and especially now. This is on your bucket list. Time to mark it off. Payment is the ONLY way to save your place. So do not delay 4 Days/3 nights. $120 per Person https://py.pl/RBW1a7YNQT 3 Days/2 nights. $110 per Person https://py.pl/Awfx37Pjj4c If you are x2 or x3. Just do the transaction a second or third. Or contact for a custom link. 17 and under $50 per (contact for link) SECURE YOUR SPACE BY August 31st!!! THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. With the NEW covid measures in the park . . . they are LIMITING ENTRY NUMBERS. YOU MUST BUY THIS IN ADVANCE!!!! ONLY go on sale on Sept 1st The Passes are good for 7 days. Get for Oct 16 or 17 Here is the link https://www.recreation.gov/ticket/facility/300015 We do have other fun events planned. Our events do always fill as we offer quality, value and safety. Our sites are private and with better amenities We curate our events with activities and good decent social. Most of all . . .in this time we also provide strict Covid safety protocols. The main place hosting and with mots all the rsvp's. https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/events/272608241/

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