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Colorful Cuba

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Colorful Cuba

March 1 - March 9, 2022

Join Here: https://photoflytravel.org/tour/cuba-small-group-tours/

E-mail us at [masked] for the daily itinerary!

Our friends at PhotoFly Travel Club are relaunching their Colorful Cuba tour. It is an excellent program full of surprises, fun, and off the beaten path sights - and it is 100% legal! Take this once in a lifetime trip to this undisturbed Caribbean gem!

* 8N/9D throughout the best of Cuba with amazing off the path experiences!
* One-of-a-kind "casa particulares" (small converted homes & guesthouses!)
* Privately guided adventures and local experts throughout
* Breakfast every day
* 3 Dinners, 4 Lunches INCLUDED
* Legal, licensed & permitted program with all USA compliance requirements met under the SCP Program

Email us directly at [masked] to receive a detailed daily itinerary!


* Old Havana: Privately guided walking tour including many of the historical sites

* "Fusterlandia" & Jaimanitas Fishing Village: Colorful fishing village made famous by local artist, Jose Fuster, outside Havana


* Unesco Biosphere Reserve

* Callejon de Hamel: Street art project where resident Salvador Gonzáles Escalona has decorated and painted in vibrant colors a pedestrian alleyway with scrap objects

* Las Terrazas: Mountain community was built as a reforestation project in the 1960s and is now part of the same UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

* Orchid Garden: Specialized botanical garden, with a collection of 20,000 specimens and more than 350 species of orchids


* Sustainable Farm Discovery: Cuban farmer and his family who'll show us around their organic farm and explain the methods they use to grow their produce without pesticides or artificial fertilizers

* Valley Walking Tour & Tobacco Plantation: A beautiful walk through the valley to a local tobacco farm to learn about the making of Cuba’s famous cigars

* Cuban Cooking Class: Learn to cook Cuban-style with a cooking demonstration of 'platos tipicos'.


* Bay of Pigs: Scenic drive along the site where the Bay of Pigs occurred in 1961.

* Sinkhole or Ocean Snorkel: Stop for a swim and snorkel in the ocean or by a sinkhole which resembles a huge natural tropical fish tank.

* Guided Orientation Walk & Palacio de Valle : A short walk to see and learn the local landmarks followed by a visit to the Palacio de Valle, an "Arabian Nights" like aspiring restaurant with a fantastic terrace bar.


* Guided Trinidad Walk: Cultural tour of numerous churches, museums, and many colonial buildings

* Learn to Bartend: Bartending demonstration and discussion of the history behind Cuba’s most popular cocktails.

* Salsa Lesson: Visit a local dance school for a demonstration and lesson in the dances of Cuba

* Salto de Javira Waterfall: An easy hike to this beautiful waterfall, perfect for photos and a dip to cool off.

* Dinner on the Beach: Weather permitting, we'll celebrate this amazing journey together with a feast on the beach!

E-mail us at [masked] for the daily itinerary!

Price: $2,295.00
Single Supplement: $695.00

Check out our club's official trip page: https://photoflytravel.org/tour/cuba-small-group-tours/

All-Inclusive Kenya Migration Safari


August 27th - September 5th 2022

Our friends at PhotoFly Travel Club (http://www.photoflytravel.com/) have invited us to a once in a lifetime experience on a Kenya safari during the Great Migration!

E-mail us at [masked] for the daily itinerary!

The Ultimate Photography Safari!

Sign up at: https://photoflytravel.org/tour/all-inclusive-kenya-safari-group-tours/

August is during the height of the GREAT MIGRATION into the Masai Mara! Over 1.5 million wildebeests & 300,000 zebra & antelope travel with their young from Tanzania to Kenya. In August the plains will be FILLED TO THE BRIM with these animals and their iconic predators (lions, leopards, crocodiles, & more)!

* 9 nights/10 days
* All-inclusive meals
* Unique, immersive, game lodges & luxury tented camps throughout
* Privately guided small group

Aberdares National Park

Aberdares National Park was dubbed ‘Scotland with Lions’ by the early colonialists.

* The Ark Lodge
* The Watering Hole: right in front of the lodge is an active watering hole viewable from an underground bunker
* Observe and photograph elephants, buffalos, leopards, rhinos, hyenas, and more right from the comfort of The Arks viewing decks.


The Rugged Three: Samburu, Shaba, & Buffalo Springs National Reserves

Truly off the path because it’s virtually cut off to all but those with access to a 4 wheel drive vehicle or an aircraft, it’s wonderfully free from the crowded traffic of the Masai Mara.

* Sarova Shaba Game Lodge: Regions # 1 game lodge

* Shaba National Reserve: Home to Kenya’s ‘northern five’; oryx, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk, Grevy’s zebra, and lesser kudu

* Samburu National Reserve: With the Uaso Nyiro River running through the reserve, a large number of game animals flock to the banks, home to a massive population of Nile crocodile. The reserve is renowned for its rare species unique to the park, most notably the long necked gerenuk, Somali ostrich, & Beisa onyx.


Lake Nakuru National Park

Small in size but high in wildlife, Nakuru is the most famous of the Great Rift Valley lakes, and the ideal stopover en-route to the Masai’s great migration. Perhaps most famous as the home to a shifting population of over one million flamingos, it’s also Kenya’s first and largest rhino sanctuary; sightings of both black and white rhino almost guaranteed!

* Sarova Lion Hill Lodge: Region's #1 rated game lodge
* Wildlife: rhinos, best chance to spot elusive leopards, lions (often in the trees!), hippos, Rothschild’s giraffe, Colobus monkey, 450 species of birds


Masai Mara & the Great Migration:

World renowned for the breathtaking spectacle of ‘the greatest wildlife show on earth’, the awe inspiring annual migration of the wildebeest, the Mara is Kenya’s most visited protected area.

* Fig Tree Camp: Our luxury tented camp is located on the banks of the Talek River in the world famous Maasai Mara National Reserve. The camp is situated right in the center of their migration path!
* Morning & Afternoon Game Drives

* Tipilikwani Mara Camp: Luxury tented camp on the banks of the Talek River overlooking the mottled plains of the Maasai Mara.
* Morning & Afternoon Game Drives
* Optional Masai Village Visit: Encounter the iconic & colorful culture of these fascinating people.

* Photographer available to offer help if interested
* All Taxes, Transfers, & Fees included
* International airfare not included, happy to help you find the best flights, flying into & out of Nairobi (NBO)
* Roommate Pairing to save money as always!

Price: $3,995.00

Single Supplement: $1,775.00

Deposit: $600.00

Go here to sign up: https://photoflytravel.org/tour/all-inclusive-kenya-safari-group-tours/

Croatia & Her Beautiful Sisters (Montenegro & Bosnia/Herzegovina)

E-mail us at [masked] for the daily itinerary!

GO HERE to Sign Up: https://photoflytravel.org/tour/croatia-small-group-tours/

October 11th - October 20th, 2022

From Zagreb to Dubrovnik, we’ll explore the best of the best when it comes to this Eastern European gem. And since this gorgeous country is surrounded by gorgeous neighbors, we’ll explore a few of them too: Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro!

* 9 N/10 D throughout the best of Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina & Montenegro

* Boutique style hotels

* Breakfast daily

* Welcome/Farewell Dinners, 1 lunch included

* Privately guided tours throughout


* Zagreb: We’ll explore the capital of Croatia via a panoramic bus and walking tour of the historical and photogenic highlights

* Plitvice Lakes National Park: Oldest park in Southeast Europe & an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Witness more than 16 lakes lined up and separated by natural limestone barriers.

* Trogir: Explore the picturesque city known as “The Stone Beauty”, a charming stone town under the protection of UNESCO which takes. Trogir is proud of their fascinating Romanesque cathedral, churches, towers and beautiful palaces.

* Split: The second largest city in Croatia and “the capital of Dalmatia” has gradually developed around the palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian built more than 1700 years ago. The entire old city of Split has been built within the walls of the UNESCO world heritage site, Diocletian Palace, making this historical center very unique.


Bosnia & Herzegovina:

*Mostar: As we continue south we’ll take a slight detour across the border to Bosnia & Herzegovina’s wonderland town of Mostar. Along the way awaits another mystical waterfall, not only superb for photos but swimming too! A short walk down a windy road & staircase takes us to Kravice Falls. 80 ft high and 390 ft long!

All cooled off, we’ll finally arrive in Mostar, most famous for a beautiful Ottoman-style bridge which spans the Neretva river in the historic center of the city. “Stari Most” frames the colorful buildings and mosques that tumble down the cliffs of Old Town as the river rushes underneath it. It is obvious that Mostar is arguably this country’s most beautiful “city”.


Often called “The Pearl of the Mediterranean”, Montenegro might be the only place in the world where you can find so much natural wealth & beauty in such a compact area, including pretty beaches, blue lakes, rushing rivers, and gorgeous mountains.

Kotor: This medieval walled town on the coast is situated in the Bay of Kotor. It’s world-famous for the maze of streets, unique history, & dramatic defense walls encircling the town as it winds up and around the massive mountain overlooking the city. A privately guided walking tour will take us throughout the best parts of Kotor for a day filled with awesome pictures, culture, and history.


Dubrovnik City Tour: Reclaimed, not just as a Croatian treasure but also as one of the world’s treasures; a fact that was officially recognized when the United Nations declared this medieval town as a World Cultural Heritage site. Its fortresses, imposing walls surrounding the city, palaces, churches, and small streets form a perfect harmony with the natural surroundings

* Plenty of free time throughout to explore on our own

* A range of optional excursions excellent for photography

* Optional extra night Dubrovnik: Wind down, relax, swim, or explore more of the Dubrovnik area by staying an extra night at our resort on the coast. A roundtrip boat ride to Lokrum Island with great nature trails, swimming, & the “Game of Thrones” museum is included. Price/details in daily itinerary-E-mail to request!

* All Taxes, Transfers, & Fees included

* Airfare is not included but we will help you find a good flight! (Home Airport → Zagreb International Airport (ZAG) & Dubrovnik International Airport (DBV) → Home Airport)

* Roommate Pairing to save money as always!

* Email us to see daily itinerary at [masked]


Join Us!

*For our solo travelers, we will pair you up with someone of the same sex unless single occupancy is requested.

Price: $2,995.00

*Single Supplement: $950.00


Deposit: $600.00

Go here to sign up: https://photoflytravel.org/tour/croatia-small-group-tours/

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