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This is the March instance of our monthly meeting. Normally some of us go on to the pub afterwards.

Apologies to everyone - I had a distinct memory of updating this meeting announcement with some details of what we'd be doing, but obviously the change didnt "take".

The March meeting will be a pair programing meeting. It would be very useful if at least half the attendees had a laptop, with Python 3 installed, and a relatively simple editor (not vim or emacs, unless you restrict yourself to pairing with another user of the same!).

We shall look at coding a solution to adding roman numbers (e.g., XII + XIV gives XXVI), but without using normal numbers - i.e., treating it as a string processing problem. The very start of a solution and some unit tests are available at . It would be useful to clone this onto your laptop before the meeting. I suggest not trying to code anything around it before the session (although thinking about it is always good). I shall have some USB sticks containing the repository as well.

Since it's pair programming, and since the problem shouldn't be using "deep" parts of the Python programming language, I hope this will work well for people at any level of experience.

This meeting will be sponsored by ARM, who will provide pizza, and talk briefly about their current job opportunities.
So please let us know if you're coming, but also if you can't make it, as this will make numbers easier to estimate.