What we're about

We get together once a month to talk about anything related to the Python programming language (https://www.python.org/).

Anyone who is interested in Python is welcome, whatever your level of knowledge (we're very happy to help with questions from those just learning the language), and for whatever purpose you use it.

We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.00pm at the Raspberry Pi offices (37 Hills Rd, Cambridge CB2 1NT). We normally stop about 9.00pm, and go on to the pub.

We have a mailing list (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/campug), and meetings are also announced on the UK Python mailing list.

We have a Twitter account: @campython (https://twitter.com/campython).

We have a Slack workspace (https://campug.slack.com/join/shared_invite/enQtMzM2NjcwMzM2ODM2LTEwNjA4N2IzNzNjOGZjNmU2NDJiMGM5ZjRkY2U1M2VkNmU3YTVlNjY2MzAwMzFmNzUxMzcyYTNmNWI5Yjk3NWM) anyone can join.

We have a code of conduct (https://github.com/campug/organisational/blob/master/CodeOfConduct.rst), which describes what is or is not acceptable behaviour of members (basically, be kind and considerate of others).

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Writing code to pass tests

Raspberry Pi Foundation

This is the November monthly meeting. Normally some of us go on to the pub afterwards. NOTE that this meeting is the SECOND Tuesday of the month, as the first Tuesday is Fireworks Night (https://www.cambridgelive.org.uk/city-events/bonfire-night). This month Barry Byford will lead us in doing some hands-on exercises, writing short Python programs to pass already written unit tests. Stub code for the functions that are being tested will be available. The first exercise has a tutorial that will show how to take tests that run, from failing to passing. Pairing up with someone is encouraged, but not mandatory. Each pair will need a computer with Python 3 installed. This should be a beginner friendly session. (If you do pair up, Tibs recommends the Mu editor, https://codewith.mu/en/download, as a good simple Python editor.) Late breaking news: Bubble (www.bubblegroup.com) should be providing pizza. -------------------------------------------------------------- **How CamPUG uses meetup.com** We mainly use meetup as a way of publicising meetings, at which it is very good. We also use the RSVP mechanism to get some idea of how many people will turn up to a meeting, but this is very inaccurate - at best, we normally get between half and two-thirds of the "yes" numbers attending. We do not require people to pay for meetings, or acquire tickets, and we do not "take a register" of who actually turns up. We don't even insist that people have to use meetup to indicate they're coming. It is important to me that this be a free and open meeting. (Meetup have recently made some confusing announcements about how they might change their fee structure in the future. They have not contacted me about any changes for CamPUG, and it sounds as if this is only a limited experiment for the moment. We are keeping an eye on the situation, and will let people know if anything changes.) This does mean that we could have a problem when a meeting is very popular and reaches the practical room size - i.e., how many will safely fit in our meeting room. Given our new venue, we don't think that is likely to happen in the near future, but we have put a limit on the number of "yes" RSVP replies: larger than we think might be comfortable in the room, but hopefully not too large.

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PyCon UK Retrospective, and How to Learn Python

Raspberry Pi Foundation

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