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Using MyPy in practice & A brief history of markup languages

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This is the October CamPUG meeting. Normally some of us go on to the pub afterwards.

David Sim will talk about MyPy, and what happens when you actually apply it to a few thousand lines of messy real-world code. The talk will cover something like:

• What is static / dynamic / duck typing and why is static typing a thing you might want?

• Edited highlights of MyPy syntax and features.

• Lessons learnt from applying MyPy type annotations to an actual codebase.

Tibs will give A brief history of markup languages, which may touch on any/all of: linotype, nroff/troff, SGML, HTML, Docbook, TeX and LaTeX, setext, reStructuredText, markdown and asciidoctor.

Both of these are practice sessions for talks to be given at PyConUK towards the end of the month. If anyone else wants to join in, we can probably fit another talk in as well(!)