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When CamPUG first started, it was purely a social meeting, a group of people getting together to gossip about Python, programming, and anything else that came to mind.

While some people do go on to the pub after our Tuesday meetings, not everyone has time that late in the evening. Also, not everyone can get to a meeting on a Tuesday. So it's been suggested that we should have occasional social meetings as well, on a different day.

This will be the second such meeting. This time it's going to be a Thursday, the idea being that the social meeting should move around the week to allow different people to be able to come.

The meeting will be in the Station Tavern again (, just next to the railway station, although ideas for other places are still very welcome.

I've given a start time of 6.30, but since this is just a get-together in a public area, there's no problem with people turning up later on. I expect that, like last time, the place will be busy initially and then quieten.

I'll bring the blue-and-white furry snake toy again, for anyone who doesn't know what I look like.