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A Plumber's Guide to Git

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This is the March CamPUG meeting. Normally some of us go on to the pub afterwards.

Alex Chan will run a workshop on Git (previously presented at PyCon UK 2017).

Git is a key part of many modern development workflows. It's incredibly powerful, but its complexity and idiosyncratic user interface means we often treat it as a magic black box. How does it actually work?

When we understand our tools, we become more confident and effective users. In this workshop, we'll take a low-level look at how Git works under the hood.

We'll use Git plumbing commands to reproduce a typical Git workflow (add, commit, branch, and so on) -- and peer inside the .git directory to see what's really going on. Along the way, we'll answer questions like:

* Where does Git store information? And how?
* What really happens when you run git commit?
* What's behind a branch?

Familiarity with basic Git will be helpful.

You'll need your own laptop, with Git and a text editor installed. We'll be using Git on the command line, not in a GUI.

Speechmatics ( will be sponsoring this meeting, and providing pizza. Please note they don't have any connection with Alex - they're just being nice. Speechmatics is a leading provider of speech-to-text solutions for real-time and pre-recorded files – enabling world-leading companies to power a speech-enabled future.