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Why Python is great for Machine Learning and Fighting fake news with Aletheia

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Every 1st Tuesday of the month until December 31, 2018

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This will be the May monthly meeting.

PLEASE NOTE that this meeting will be ONE WEEK LATER than expected, on Tuesday 8th May. Apologies, other commitments mean we can't hold the meeting on the original date.

Normally some of us go on to the pub afterwards.

We have two talks this month:
Remi Francis, Machine Learning Engineer at Speechmatics ( will talk about Why Python is great for Machine Learning:

With the speech revolution here, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology is constantly evolving with new progress being made every day. Remi Francis, a Machine Learning Engineer from Speechmatics, will explain why Python is great for Machine Learning followed by a demonstration of how it has been applied to the field of ASR.

Daniel Quinn will be talking about Fighting fake news with Aletheia:

Technology has evolved to the point where we're able to falsify audio and video evidence with convincing results. Combating this next generation of fake news is taking many forms, but with Aletheia, Daniel Quinn is attempting to short-circuit the creation/detection arms race. Through the use of crpytographic signatures, we can leverage existing networks of trust to help make sharing media a little more human again.


- Aletheia:
- pyletheia:

Note that Speechmatics plan to sponsor this meeting by providing pizza (as well as a talk).


**How CamPUG uses**

We mainly use meetup as a way of publicising meetings, at which it is very good. We also use the RSVP mechanism to get some idea of how many people will turn up to a meeting, but this is very inaccurate - at best, we normally get between half and two-thirds of the "yes" numbers attending.

We do not require people to pay for meetings, or acquire tickets, and we do not "take a register" of who actually turns up. We don't even insist that people have to use meetup to indicate they're coming. It is important to me that this be a free and open meeting.

This does mean that we have a problem when a meeting is very popular and reaches the practical room size - i.e., how many will safely fit in our meeting room (although we've really only had that problem once so far).

From now on, I shall put a limit on the number of "yes" RSVP replies that is larger than the actual room size, but hopefully not too large. I shall try harder to send a message or messages before each meeting to remind people to un-RSVP if they cannot come, and I shall count the actual number of attendees to each meeting and monitor the situation.