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This group is a regular gathering of Python users and developers in the Canberra area. We discuss Python and related open source technologies. It is a networking forum for meeting other locals interested in Python and exchanging news and ideas.

Canberra Python community chat: slack invitation link (https://join.slack.com/t/canberrapug/shared_invite/zt-50v7p9g3-PnlGqMFr2LumH_dNizyWfg)

If you do any kind of Python development, or have done, join the group! We'll keep you posted about our regular meetups. PyLadies (or potential pyladies) are particularly welcome to come and connect to the community.

If you'd like to give a talk at the next meetup, please ping Jonah, Elena or Zac on the slack: https://join.slack.com/t/canberrapug/shared_invite/zt-50v7p9g3-PnlGqMFr2LumH_dNizyWfg

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Upcoming events (2)

March sprint / hack night

Hanna Neumann Building, Seminar Room 1.33

The CPUG sprints continue!

We have a slack with a dedicated hacking channel: https://canberrapug.slack.com

Inspired by the "sprints" at Python conferences, we've decided to host an evening of open source. It will be a relaxed time for the Canberra Python community to work on open source projects, try out new libraries or share our love of old ones, and generally hang out while using Python as well as talking about it. Pythonistas of all experience levels are welcome!

Please bring a laptop, and an idea for a Python project you would like to work on or topic to learn about. CPUG - thanks to ANU - will provide tables, chairs, and a few power points. Unfortunately if you don't have access to ANU or eduroam wifi you will need to BYO hotspot.

We especially and specifically welcome PyLadies and Hacker-Chix. We'll have a table dedicated to prioritising talking tech with people who participate in these kinds of communities (or new people who would like to!).

Pizza and drinks provided.

If you would like to deliver a presentation at a future event please fill in this form or leave a comment below and we'll get back to you:

Graph Databases will change your life

Hanna Neumann Building, Seminar Room 1.33

Let's pretend the last 12 months didn't happen and it's April 2020 all over again!

We're going to replay the introductory graph DB talk that was scheduled for this time last year. If you RSVP'd last year you may remember there were free 2020 Global Graph Day t-shirts! Well .. during the shutdown our t-shirts arrived! Yay! Except, er, we don't know who the t-shirts belong to, if you arranged a t-shirt last year, let us know.

Talk Abstract: Graph Databases introduction (+ Python). This talk will be an introduction and overview of these Graph DBMS that are really picking up in popularity. Relational and NoSQL DBs have ruled the roost for a couple of decades now, but in real life there's more to data than tables or key-pairs.

This talk is aimed towards people who are familiar with relational databases (RDBMS) and maybe have used Django and are curious about this graph DB trend. Graphs databases store data in Graphs -- that is NOT chart-visualisation "graphs" nor graphQL, but per the paper written by the mathematician Euler in 1736. Graphs which are "nodes" connected by "relationships".

Elena will deliver a primer on what this means, how they work and when they're a good idea to use. There will also be a demonstration and discussion about how to kick off with graph DBs using python.

--- Elena is part of the CPUG organising team. For total spoilers, this talk will be a kind-of replay of the talk that was delivered at PyConlineAU last year: https://github.com/elena/graph-fun ---

Pizza and drinks provided by our sponsor Reposit Power. Room generously provided by ANU.

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Hanna Neumann Building, Seminar Room 1.33

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