What we're about

This group is a regular gathering of Python users and developers in the Canberra area. We discuss Python and related open source technologies. It is a networking forum for meeting other locals interested in Python and exchanging news and ideas. 
Canberra Python community chat: slack invitation link
If you do any kind of Python development, or have done, join the group! We'll keep you posted about our regular meetups. PyLadies (or potential pyladies) are particularly welcome to come and connect to the community.
If you'd like to give a talk at the next meetup, please ping Jonah, Elena or Zac on the slack: https://join.slack.com/t/canberrapug/shared_invite/zt-50v7p9g3-PnlGqMFr2LumH_dNizyWfg

Sponsorship of CPUG ensures we can continue to bring together the Canberra Python Community through meetings and events.

Major Sponsor:
Xero Australia: https://www.xero.com/au/

Reposit Power: https://repositpower.com/
Python Charmers: https://pythoncharmers.com/
ANU: https://www.anu.edu.au/

Upcoming events (1)

April Python Lightning Talks

Hanna Neumann Building, Seminar Room 1.33

Lightning talks are 5-10 minute presentations or discussions, they can be on any topic, such as:
• what you're proud of creating
• a problem that has you stumped
• a package or feature or service provider you'd like to talk about
• an event you're interested in

If you want to to a lightning talk message us on this website or come prepared and let us know at the beginning of the evening. Please comment below with your name and talk title, or use our Slack Workspace https://join.slack.com/t/canberrapug/shared_invite/zt-1s50aii68-4b1albC755cqxsfeU5m4Mw

Past events (91)

Skywater: Object-Oriented Cloud Seeding with Pulumi & Python

Hanna Neumann Building, Seminar Room 1.33