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What we’re about

Welcome to the ONLY Five Star rated paddling Group in the SF Bay Area. Our group is good for recreational canoe and kayak paddlers. We feature paddling with friendly folks once you know the basics. However, we are not a guide service and do not offer lessons, therefore you must already have basic paddling skills. We charge an annual $15 fee.

Our trips are intended to be friendly and social for people who have paddling experience. Trips vary from easy, appropriate for almost anyone, to trips which require a moderate level of physical fitness and Intermediate boating skill. We seldom do "advanced" level trips. However, all paddlers must expect and be prepared for sudden changes in weather and currents which are common in the SF Bay Area.

Most trips are appropriate for canoes and kayaks. Canoes of 15 to 17 feet are common and touring kayaks not less than 12 feet, our trips do not allow folding boats, inflatable boats or SUP's. Our trips are four to six hours long and between six and twelve miles in length, and include a lunch stop along the shore. We paddle reservoirs, lakes, rivers, SF Bay, creeks, sloughs, and estuaries.

To join us you need basic skills including getting in and out of your boat, paddling in a straight line and being able to steer and control your boat in windy conditions. You should be in normal physical condition, able to paddle at an easy pace for an hour or two at a stretch without a real break. You need to be able to climb unassisted in and out of your boat in a variety of places, including steep banks, high docks, etc., and you must be able to keep pace with other paddlers.

Canoe and Kayak Paddlers is totally non-commercial. We are not a guide service. All activities are simply opportunities for boaters with appropriate skills to paddle together. The trip coordinators are not required to have training in boating or outdoor safety or carry emergency equipment. We are not experts.

All water sports are potentially dangerous. Participants must assess the appropriateness of their own physical condition, skills, and equipment for any activity, and make their own decisions about safety. If you are not sure if your skills and equipment are appropriate for a trip discuss it with the trip coordinator before starting on a trip. We recommend that all paddlers take lessons in boat handling, safety, and rescue. A life jacket must be worn while on the water.

Our goals:
·        Share paddling as a safe, enjoyable, and congenial experience
·        Introduce members to new places to paddle
·        Create opportunities for members to increase their paddling proficiency
·        Offer a central communication hub through our website
·        Provide social, informational, and recreational gatherings associated with the sport of paddling

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