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The beauty and mystery of making new friends is that it can happen anytime and anywhere, through pure chance or planned intention.

All you need to do is mingle and paint with the good people! Simply walk in and let your imagination take hold of the paint brushes. No painting or drawing skills are necessary. Let's get together and have fun!

Whether it happens once a week or once a year, girls night out is something that almoswoman looks forward to. It is a time for forgetting your troubles and enjoying the little pleasures life has to offer, all while hanging out with your best friends or new friends.

We provide non-alcoholic beverages. You may bring your own booze ;)

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Liberty Art Jam

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What will you expect: We will provide space, music, art materials and light refreshments. You may bring any reference images to paint. Otherwise, you may also choose one from our image library. Relax in our calm space and enjoy our tidbit bar and mini refrigerator. You can bring sugar, spice and anything nice to share with the community. Make yourself feel at home. No art experience? We assure you not to worry as tips will be given to kickstart your creative flow along with guidance along the way whenever you need it. ​Forget about your worries and enjoy our therapeutic session, all while hanging out with your best friends and new friends. We say, let's mingle with the good people! In our Art Kit 1) Canvas 16" x 20" (inch) 2) Acrylic paint 3) Paintbrushes 4) Palette Knifes 6) Apron Payment based on: THE HONOUR SYSTEM Based on The Honour System, the giving guide (average given) is SGD35/pax. The Honour System is our idea of "liberty", applied. Built on the belief that people are fair and trustworthy, no fixed price tag is strictly enforced. If you would like to play a larger part in the culture we are shaping, you can be more generous. & if you are hard up, you can still enjoy the same experience at a little less. ​ The money that we receive from our Liberty Art Jam sessions helps us to pay our rent + utilities, purchase materials and engage our instructors to keep Liberty Art Jam running. ​ We hope you enjoy your experience at Artify BE KIND TO US :) Remember, our loft is little. All eyes are on the limited spaces we offer in each cosy group workshop. We’re super stoked you’re one of the lucky ones, and we hope you are too! In the off chance you can no longer make it, we would greatly appreciate prior notice of cancellation at least 2 days in advance. Feel free to invite someone to take your place (so they can tell you all the little tips and tricks after) or simply make the spot available for someone else in line (you would really make their day!) A little gesture goes a long way. Till then, we can’t wait to meet you :) -- SOS: Frequently Asked Questions! 1) How much should I give? We believe people should pay as much as they deem fit. Based on how much the service is worth to you, how comfortable the environment is, and how sufficient the materials are, we let you decide how much we should be paid. $35 and more: we put a portion into our Kindness Pot (used for our social initiatives (https://www.libertyartjam.com/libertyartjam)). Feel good, do good. We also believe in playing a small part in giving back to the society. 2) Do I need to bring my own materials? Nope! All art materials are provided. When you turn up, you will be greeted by our humble pantry, a room full of canvas + easels, and of course, soon-to-be-homies. You can bring sugar, spice and anything nice to share with the community. Materials provided: 16"x 16" or 20" x 16" Canvas, Acrylic paint, Paintbrushes, Palette Knives, Sponges & Apron.​ 3) Can I bring my own materials? Yes, you may! We welcome all of our art jammers to explore and create their own unique masterpiece. 4) What if I have no art experience ? We embrace the presence of each art jammer and try to ensure that nobody will be lost in the process. We assure you not to worry if you do not have prior art experience. Tips will be given to kick-start your creative flow. No worries, just come and have fun! ☺ ​5) My friend wants to come hang out while I paint, can they come and not paint?Sorry, we would love to have everyone but due to space constraints, our studio can only fit 18 art jammers. ☹ 6) What if I'm late? Hmm... find a good spot to do a handstand? Oh dear, you will have lesser time to paint. ☹ 7) What facilities are there? We have equipment such as a mini-fridge, a Nespresso machine, and our humble pantry. We also have two toilets with shower facilities. 8) Do you sell food in your premise? No, but there are many great food options available around! Check out our Foodify section (https://www.artifystudio.com/blog) for recommendations around our neighbourhood. 9) Can I bring my own food to your premises? Yes, you may. However, try to avoid strong smelling food (like durian) in consideration of our other art jammers. 11) What if I am unable to finish my work? Can I leave it at your studio and continue another time? We highly advise that you complete within the stipulated time. When you return, it may be difficult you to continue. Any work that is unclaimed after 6 months will be recycled. 12) What if I am unable to finish my painting in one sitting and come back another time to finish it up, must I pay for two sessions? We want each art jammer to take their time to create a piece they truly love and can take home, so you’re more than welcome to finish up in another sitting. We’ve always trusted our art jammers to give as they deem fit, and we’re very fortunate to have generous friends who give joyfully. Our art studio is still small and receives a constant flow of requests for art jamming sessions, so if you’ll be coming back a second time to finish, we will prioritise you over a request for a new session, and will appreciate any token amount you’d be willing to give! 13) Are pets allowed on your premises? No. Our house pet, Danny the Dinosaur, might scare your pets away. 14) Is there parking? Yes, there is a multi-storey carpark in Textile Centre (http://www.wilsonparking.com.sg/go/wilson-car-parks/central-zone/textile-centre). On Weekdays and Saturdays, parking ranges from $2 - $2.50/hour depending on the time. On Sundays, parking is $2.50/per entry. 15) Is Liberty Art Jam a charity initiative? No, we are a for-profit company with a social element. We believe that “Art is not a luxury, Art is for everyone”. Through our kindness funds, we are able to create more meaningful and impactful social initiatives for the community. Visit: http://bit.ly/libertyartjamsg (http://bit.ly/libertyartjamsg) With love, Team Artify Studio

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