Synthetic Data: Privacy Problems and Solutions


• Agenda:
18:00 - 18:45: Arrive & mingle with people.
18:45 - 19:30: Main talk: Synthetic Data: Privacy Problems and Solutions
19:30 - 21:00: Continue chatting & networking.

• Speaker:
Peter Juritz is a Software Engineer from Cape Town. He has worked locally and internationally with a wide range of companies, from small to big. Currently he is the lead Engineer at Hazy - a privacy startup based in London. Interests include distributed systems, data engineering and putting off writing Bios.

• Abstract:
In this talk I'll be discussing modern approaches to Data Privacy. Information is an increasingly influential part of our lives and society - with this come questions on how to treat data responsibly, but still harness it's power. Synthetic data is emerging as a technique to address many of these problems.
We will talk about:
* Some Privacy Conecpts: Differential/Epsilon Privacy, Anonymization, Privacy Metrics
* Some Algorithms: Synthpop, Secure Data Vault, TGAN, ...
* Some implications: Data Agility, Security, Policy.

• Venue
The new AWS building on the corner of Roeland and McKenzie (old Ferrarri building).

• Parking:
There is a parkade at Wembley square as well as street parking outside the building.

• Sponsors:
Jetbrains for giving away a full license to one of their products
OfferZen for the speaker gift, shirts and stickers

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