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Monthly gathering to discuss all things DevOps, join us over a beer to hear about others' success / horror stories.

Website: http://devops.capetown

We hang out in #devops in ZA Tech Slack Group (http://zatech.co.za/)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cpt_devops

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/devopscapetown

If you have something interesting to talk about, please get in touch as we are always looking for speakers.

Code of Conduct (https://www.meetup.com/Cape-Town-DevOps/pages/21932587/Code_of_Conduct/)

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Building Useful Things with Hacky Connections Between GCP and AWS

• Agenda: 18:00 - 18:45: Arrive & mingle with people. 18:45 - 19:30: Main talk. 19:30 - 21:00: Continue chatting & networking. • Speaker: Gareth Dwyer Gareth studied computer science at Rhodes University, along with classical music and philosophy, because Grahamstown is that kind of place. He worked at AWS for a while, and then escaped back into academia for a two-year Master’s programme which he used to see Germany and the Netherlands while trying to figure out how machine learning and NLP work (and to collect more pieces of dead tree with his name on them). He is now attempting to lead technology at CoGrammar, an EdTech startup in Cape Town and London, where he works on software engineering, “management”, and code review, while keeping the servers running on the side. He also wrote a non-best selling book (“Flask by Example”) and does technical writing at night. You can find him around most of the usual places as @sixhobbits • Talk synopsis: DevOps can sometimes mean Doing Things With Technology That Should Never Be Done, because, hey, you’re not “just” a dev - you’re also involved in Operations, so you’re more aware of the non-theoretical, boring constraints like time and cost. If that description of DevOps doesn’t scare you away, come listen to me talk about how I implemented some things with SES, Google Scripts, AWS Lambda in a way that I never wanted to admit to, but which proved fairly useful. This is a safe space right? • Parking * Street parking on - Hertzog Blvd on the Auto Atlantic side - DF Malan on both sides of the street by the Artscape - Rua Bartholomeu Dias Plain - Salazar Plain * Secure parking in - Auto Atlantic parking ~R10/hour - Media 24 parking next to Salazar Plain ~R30 - Netcare / Virgin Active parking (access via DF Malan) "Not sure on price" Please see the map here: https://imgur.com/7bAKHtp • Sponsors: Jetbrains for giving away a full license to one of their products Takealot for the drinks. Takealot for the venue. OfferZen for the speaker gift, shirts and stickers • Code of Conduct Please see our Code of Conduct here: https://www.meetup.com/Cape-Town-DevOps/pages/21932587/Code_of_Conduct/

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