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• What we'll do This is the PERFECT night to come by the Center of Gravity and get a feel for this amazing creative community. Get a tour, get social, get your questions answered and get some quality pot luck. You never know WHAT the fare might be on TVCOG Pot Luck Nights! Could be anything from "Tacos Tuesday," to "Can You Fry It?" to "Nitrogen Ice Cream" and more. • What to bring If you're coming for the pot luck, bring something to share. It can be appetizers, an entree, salad, chips & dip, a dessert, even beverages are welcome. • Important to know Check our Facebook Group:

Quackenbush Building

30 Third Street · Troy, NY

What we're about

A group interested in creating a common, shared space in which to pursue creative construction.

These locations, often called a 'Makerspace' or 'hackerspace' can be as simple as a common place to get together to talk about projects we work on or places with the tools to tackle the project.

Initially, the vision for the CDIC is a communal space with electronic, wood working and metal working tools where people can come and create.

The Capital District is awash with innovative thinkers, designers, engineers, artists and folks with more creative energy than many other parts of the world. Home to the industrial revolution, it might just be time to start our own local creative revolution.

If never got to take Shop class in school, miss it, or just need a place with a welder a vise, and a Really Big Hammer where you can work for a few hours, this is the place.

The Name:

In the early 1900's there were a variety of local 'Industrial Clubs' around the country. Similar to the Rotary or Elks, they were devoted to the gathering of people involved in industry. One was located in Troy, N.Y. and I recently came upon a lapel pin given out to members. so I stole, appropriated the name.

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