Corgi Corps Middleburg Parade


Weather scheduled to be sunny and around 50 so it will be crowded, please plan to arrive in time to find parking etc. Holli Hudimac email tweaked to add in newest info

Hello Corgi Lovers!!

This year Christmas in Middleburg is going to be held on Saturday, December 3rd. Please note that the actual Parade time is at 2:00 pm but we need to line up before then. Many of you who have attended in years past know that there are lots of fun activities the entire day (see schedule, below), and our parade entry has been a fun and favorite parade entry for many years. We all make a sign with our Corgi’s names on it and wear it around our necks, and then march down the parade route with our beloved Corgi’s, many of whom are attired in festive doggy Christmas attire (totally optional!). Human wear can be as festive as you want but dress comfortablly and for the weather (rain or shine). Please make sign with dogs name big enough so that the spectators on the sidewalks can see the name of your Corgi from afar! This year we will also be able to donate non-perishable food goods for Seven Loaves. The parade participants will be asked to line up around 1:15 pm at Sporting Library, on the west end of town on the Plains Road. Important parking information and other items can also be found on the Christmas in Middleburg web site, ( ). Holly is also going to put a post on the Facebook pages for “Visit Middleburg” and “Middleburg, VA” and “Corgi’s of Virginia, and any other Corgi Facebook pages that I think would be appropriate.” Please account for time to park as the better the weather the harder the parking.

December 3rd, 2016: On Saturday, Christmas in Middleburg is your day to start the season with our joyful family festival

1:15 Must be in Stagging area

· 2:00pm: Christmas Parade, Floats and animals down the main Washington Street

You'll appreciate Holly's request to try to keep ourselves in a tighter group this year if you recall how big the group was and how we stretched. What can I say despite the parade organizers best efforts we have to give the public what it wants - and they want to pet and cheer corgis! I know for my little ones the temptation of fresh horse manure and children to kiss is to much to resist slowing down or flat out stopping. If you don't already receive emails directly from Holly please let her know so she can add you to her master list - I can confirm she will only send corgi parade info and won't spam you.

Last but not least please upload photos of the event!!!!