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Selling Skills for Job Seekers - Yes, Finding a Job is a Sales Process
Finding a job is a form of consultative sales (not used car sales). We will walk you through the fundamentals of sales that you as a job seeker need to know. Our facilitator will be Katie Nelson of SalesUprising. Not only is she a sales coach, but she has significant experience in the recruiting field. Treat this seminar as a formal job interview. For men this means wearing suit and tie. Bring several copies of your resume. offers FREE business educational seminars. At the end their is often an 8-minute Christian story.

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☞ Caring ★ Genuine ★ Expert Advice ★ Highly Professional

☞ "A Master's Degree in Job Search Skills!"

☞ Most People Leave these Seminars feeling Energized, Enthusiastic and Encouraged!

☞ A FREE Service helps motivated people shorten their job search and/or helps them increase their compensation.

Experienced professionals in Human Resources, Contingency Recruiting, Career Coaching, and Executive Search provide solid advice to job seekers. This is geared towards motivated job seekers who understand that finding a job is a skill just like any other business skill.

There is a seriousness about our events that surprises many people.

Our seminar topics cover some obvious topics such as writing resumes which recruiters will read. We cover advanced topics such as negotiating your job offer. Finally, we cover topics that few people consider such as how to have a job created for you when no job exists.

Every event is free to job seekers. However, if anyone wants to contribute to offset our expenses, it will be gladly accepted. is a business education organization. All the content is controlled by people who are experienced professional recruiters. At the end of most seminars there is a 10-minute Christian story. The legal entity that runs this is a Christian organization.

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