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Carlisle MINI Motoring Club was formed in Carlisle Pennsylvania by Santiago Gabela and his wife Lois over a decade ago. Their first attempt to set up the club and develop an active membership was a slow process. Over the years our little (MINI) club has grown. We now have more than 250 members. One imperative is a love of MINIs. What is a Carlisle MINI Motoring Club member? Whatever YOU want it to be! Our passion for our MINIs is the singular common ground that we all share, aside from that we are all individuals with many other varied interests. We are a loose knit bunch of MINIacs and that's the way we like it! Join us at one of our events...some large...some small, but all with a focus on MINIs and having fun. Now MOTOR ON!

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Carlisle MINI's 1st ever Fall Foliage and Trolley Run

North Middleton Park

Join your fellow Carlisle MINIacs for a Fall Fun Run to the 1st Operation Trolley Museum. Step back as we visit a time gone by. Ride & photograph trolleys that rarely operate for the public. Did we mention Fall Foliage to boot! Here is a link to the run map. https://goo.gl/maps/ZZYBrpdi6mXmKzQ86 http://rockhilltrolley.org/event/fall-festival-of-trolleys-2019/

Minis Slay the Sleeping Dragon

Fontana Village

Sponsored by the Tar Heel Mini Cooper Club. From their Minis Slay the Sleeping Dragon Facebook page - A Colorful Fall Gathering of MINIs meeting up to enjoy MOTORING THROUGH THE FALL LEAVES on and around The Dragon and Fontana Village and Lake Areas. Come out and spend a colorful weekend with your MINI Friends! It's always a great one! Come Join Us for #17 this year! Please Note Registration for the event will not take place until closer to the event. Stay tuned here to see notices when registration opens!

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