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Carlisle MINI Motoring Club was formed in Carlisle Pennsylvania by Santiago Gabela and his wife Lois over a decade ago. Their first attempt to set up the club and develop an active membership was a slow process. Over the years our little (MINI) club has grown. We now have more than 250 members. One imperative is a love of MINIs. What is a Carlisle MINI Motoring Club member? Whatever YOU want it to be! Our passion for our MINIs is the singular common ground that we all share, aside from that we are all individuals with many other varied interests. We are a loose knit bunch of MINIacs and that's the way we like it! Join us at one of our events...some large...some small, but all with a focus on MINIs and having fun. Now MOTOR ON!

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CANYONBALL RUN 2.0 A fun run up to the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.

Travel up to beautiful Wellsboro...out to Delmar Township...then up one twisty side of the Canyon and back down then across to the other side...up that twisty side and back down...then down the back way to Wellsboro through Stoney Fork to Wellsboro...where we're turned loose to support all the great restaurants in town...it's a fun time...everybody had a BLAST last year.

This is an opportunity to see a great area of PA during fall foliage. It's likely to be near peak. Some of you may want to stay over and enjoy all that Wellsboro has to offer.

Located in north-central Pennsylvania’s Tioga County, Wellsboro is the center of shopping, dining, and entertainment for a rather wide area of the region. With the closest city of any size, Williamsport, being over 50 miles away and a lack of chain stores and restaurants in the community, downtown Wellsboro seems frozen in time.


There are rooms available (as of 9/13/21) at the Sherwood Motel, right in Wellsboro...good reviews and modestly priced.

Punkin' Chunkin' Festival

Bald Eagle State Park

Every year towards the end of October the Howard Fire Company holds a one day festival at the scenic Bald Eagle State Park in Howard, PA. The main attractions of the festival are the catapults, trebuchets, and (possibly) air cannons that launch pumpkins hundreds of feet through the air and send them splashing down into the nearby lake. Hence why they call it Punkin’ Chunkin". Join your fellow Miniacs for a day of Fall fun or make it a weekend.

MINI Takes The States (MTTS) 2022

Needs a location

Come and join your fellow MINIACS for an adventure you will not soon forget! You can check the link below for details. https://www.minitakesthestates.com/#the-rally
Specifics for club participation to follow.

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MINIs Racing at The Glen - 2021

Watkins Glen International

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