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Carlisle MINI Motoring Club was formed in Carlisle Pennsylvania by Santiago Gabela and his wife Lois over a decade ago. Their first attempt to set up the club and develop an active membership was a slow process. Over the years our little (MINI) club has grown. We now have more than 250 members. One imperative is a love of MINIs. What is a Carlisle MINI Motoring Club member? Whatever YOU want it to be! Our passion for our MINIs is the singular common ground that we all share, aside from that we are all individuals with many other varied interests. We are a loose knit bunch of MINIacs and that's the way we like it! Join us at one of our events...some large...some small, but all with a focus on MINIs and having fun. Now MOTOR ON!

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PA Grand Canyon

Hosted by Rob Louden and ROC CITY MINI 9/16/20 UPDATE Per ROB: MEETUPS... - Campbell Rest Area Meetup 11:00 AM...depart 11:45 AM - 15/99S Scenic/Text Area Meetup...Noon... depart 12:30 PM - 15/99S/6 under overpass people...we will be arriving there around 1:00 PM - plan accordingly...no stopping...fall into line...we'll honk our horns - Main Street Wellsboro/Green Free Library People...same deal...lineup about 1:15 PM...wait for us...falling into line at the end when you see us...we'll honk our horns... TURN BY TURNS… BEGINNING AT CAMPBELL REST AREA... - merge left onto 17/86 - continue on until Painted Post - at Painted Post, right onto 99/15S stay in lane marked Williamsport... - continue on 99/15S to Scenic/Text Area...pull in...pick up people waiting there - merge left back onto 99/15S - continue on 99/15S until TIOGA JUNCTION/287 Ramp...Right onto the ramp...PICK UP UNDERPASS/OVERPASS PEOPLE... - continue on 287 - at Tioga, 287 turn right at the Citgo station - continue on 287 through Holiday/Middlebury/Wellsboro Junction - at WELLSBORO JUNCTION stay in left lane... - left onto 287S/6E - continue on 6 to Wellsboro... - at Wellsboro stay on 287S/6E/MAINSTREET turns into 6/660 go straight through 3 lights...continue to Green Free Library...pick up people there - continue on 6/660 which turns into 6/660/362 just past the Tioga County Country Club... - at bottom of hill in Delmar Township...left onto 6W - in approximately 1/2 mile left again by Burning Barrel onto Colton Point Road - follow the leader to Colton Point...we will stop there for a bit for pictures... - leave Colton Point...more follow the leader...back down the hill back to the Burning Barrel... - right at the Burning Barrel... -r ight back onto 6-660E to Airport Road - right on Airport Road...to Leonard Harrison State Park...we will also stop here concessions/restrooms available Reverse directions back to Wellsboro. I may take an alternate route through Stoney Fork...that may be a surprise. Back in Wellsboro...we'll park around the Green and hit up town businesses for a late lunch/early dinner...or you can head back home...I won't be offended. RULES... - gas up before you come - please keep up…I don’t want people to get lost - at the Canyon…stay on your side of the road…it’s very narrow in places - never pass up an opportunity to relieve yourself - if you have a question…ask RADIOS… Set to Channel 7/sub 21 ABOVE ALL...I WANT EVERYBODY TO HAVE AN AWESOME TIME...THIS SHOULD BE REALLY, REALLY FUN...RELAX AND ENJOY YOURSELVES...........PEACE OUT... Planning on meeting Friday @ 10 AM at Fort Hunter (Harrisburg) to take a scenic route to Mansfield. We are planning to stop at Hull's Landing in Muncy for lunch around noon on Friday. (Routes 405 and 442). Free outdoor bluegrass concert in Wellsboro Friday evening. Bring your chairs! Possible Play attendance in Saturday evening in Wellsboro.

Minis Slay the Sleeping Dragon

Fontana Village

Sponsored by the Tar Heel Mini Cooper Club. From their Minis Slay the Sleeping Dragon Facebook page - A Colorful Fall Gathering of MINIs meeting up to enjoy MOTORING THROUGH THE FALL LEAVES on and around The Dragon and Fontana Village and Lake Areas. Come out and spend a colorful weekend with your MINI Friends! It's always a great one! Come Join Us for #18 this year! Please Note Registration for the event will not take place until closer to the event. Stay tuned here to see notices when registration opens!

MINI Takes The States (MTTS) 2021

Needs a location

The dates for next year's MTTS have been announced, the route is the same as was planned for this year. Come and join your fellow MINIACS for an adventure you will not soon forget! You can check the link below for details, just change the date back one day. https://www.minitakesthestates.com/img/MTTS_2020_RouteGrid_WebsiteDownload.pdf

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