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Carlisle MINI Motoring Club was formed in Carlisle Pennsylvania by Santiago Gabela and his wife Lois in 2006. Their first attempt to set up the club and develop an active membership was a slow process. Over the years our little (MINI) club has grown. We now have more than 450 members. One imperative is a love of MINIs. What is a Carlisle MINI Motoring Club member? Whatever YOU want it to be! Our passion for our MINIs is the singular common ground that we all share, aside from that we are all individuals with many other varied interests. We are a loose knit bunch of MINIacs and that's the way we like it! Join us at one of our events...some large...some small, but all with a focus on MINIs and having fun. Now MOTOR ON!

Upcoming events (4+)


Needs a location

SUNDAY DRIVE INFO (from the Whine Country Coopers):
Looks like the Sunday drive info is here:

INFO and registration is on the MATG Website (here):



[NOTE: The route is planned to end at the Seneca Lodge in Watkins Glen for the MATG 2022 Cocktail Party. There will be opportunities to split off from the last leg to head to hotels in Mansfield, Elmira, Horseheads. Etc., if you don’t want to attend the Party.]

  • Leave Fort Hunter Park (east side of the road) @ 10:00 AM and drive up the east side of the river
  • Stop at Skeeters @ 11:00 AM to meet additional cars
  • Pit stop at Sunoco on PA 254 east of Milton @ 11:30 AM
  • Lunch stop at the Jolly Trolley in Dushore for lunch @ 1:00 PM +/-
  • Photo op (and pit stop) in Warren Center (Bradford County) @ 3:00 PM +/-
  • Arrive at the Seneca Lodge in Watkins Glen @ 5:00 PM

CARLISLE MINIs radio frequency is Channel 11, no subchannel
NY/MATG radio frequency is Channel 7, subchannel 21 (I think)


The plan is to drive up Friday.

Main Event is Saturday, August 13th.

There is normally a drive scheduled on Sunday.

Drive home on Monday.



Once you register, you will get an email with links to (1) purchase parade laps and (2) sign up to participate in the Sunday Drive with the Whine Country Coopers.

Updated info from ROC City MINIs Facebook Page:

Here's the deal...on Friday night August 12th, RCM is hosting a Welcome Cocktail Party from 5 PM to 7 PM...This oughta be fun...the Bar and Patio will be there for us to enjoy...$5.00 Cover....more later...save the date...

But wait...there's more...we'll be back at the Seneca Lodge after laps on Saturday for an unofficial after party...from 6 PM to 8 PM...this also should be a blast... $5.00 Cover. If you choose to have a sit down meal either night...give your name to the hostess at the door to get a table...more on all of this later with FB invitations...save the date...

MINI Track Day ay NY Safety Track

Needs a location

Sponsoed by CNY Mini. So far they have only six cars. It's 4-5 hours away so it would probably be a Sat-Sun overnight.


This is real racing. No paced laps, You have access to a instructor to answer any questions you may have , and to ride with you to teach the track and how to race it. The cost for 10 cars is $350.00 The cost for 20 cars is $175.00 per car. We need to be at the track at 7am for tech inspection.


Fruit Loops and Cannonballs

Needs a location

Join us for some great twists and turns, fabulous scenery, and local history as we tour the beautiful fields and orchards of Adams County and then the Gettysburg Battlefield. We will meet around 9:00 AM at a traditional spot, the Sheetz on Rte 15 in Dillsburg and head south around 9:30. Our first stop will be Hollabaugh Bros Orchards farm store where their apple harvest will be in full swing. After all the boots are loaded with apples, we’ll head further south to the county seat, Gettysburg, for a tasty lunch at Fourscore Brewery. We’ll then head out for an auto tour of the battlefield and end the day with another Carlisle Mini tradition, ice cream, with a stop at Half Pint Creamery.

Road Trip! Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Ford Museum, and Mini on the Mack 2023

Are you ready for an EPIC Mini road trip? Start planning now for a week long Carlisle Mini extravaganza.
On Tuesday, August 1, 2023 the adventure starts, meeting in Carlisle and then cruising the roads less traveled to exciting Cleveland, Ohio. Why, you might think? So Wednesday we can tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a few hours before driving to Detroit, Michigan later that day. We will spend all day Thursday at the Henry Ford Museum, well, as much as we can see in one day! Friday will be a scenic drive through the Michigan countryside to Mackinaw City/St Ignace to check in for Mini on the Mack 2023. Saturday is the big event and the associated festivities.
Several options from here - an easy two day drive back home to PA on the interstate (750 miles, +/- 12 hrs), a longer two day drive avoiding highways (780 miles, +/- 17 hrs) or an easy three day drive on the Trans Canada Highway and upstate NY (950 miles, +/- 19 hours), rules at this time, you must have a passport and be fully vaccinated.


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