What we're about

We swim in the ocean.

We prefer waves to lane lines.

We don't mind if the water is cold.

We can make it out through the break.

We body surf.

We see dolphins.

We like it when water drips out of our nose three hours after a workout.

We can tell the water temperature to within a degree.

We lose goggles when the ocean decides to take them from us.

We measure our swims by city blocks, not laps.

If this sounds good to you, come join us. We have novice swimmers through advanced swimmers. You should be able to swim 500 meters, or about twenty laps, to be ready for an open water swim. Come check it out!

Upcoming events (4+)

Wednesday Morning Swim at Moonlight Beach

Needs a location

Don't let a low head-count here stop you. There are about 6-10 swimmers that regularly attend, but don't use Meetup.

Park and meet on 4th Street in Encinitas. Meet up at 6:15 am, toes in the water at 6:30 am. There are working showers where we wash-up after the swim. The swim consists of 4 loops around the buoy… 50-60% pace out to the buoy, regroup and then a sprint to the beach…x4.
Then catch a wave before hitting the showers.

Tuesday / Thursday Morning Swim

Needs a location

The one and only venerable MORNING SWIM happens every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

Please note the new time. Meet at 6:15, toes in the water at 6:30.

Don't let a low head-count here stop you. There are about 4-6 swimmers that regularly attend, but don't use Meetup.

We enter the water and swim together through the breakers. Then we head north or south, then loop back. The total swim distance is 1.1 miles (1.8km) for the fast folks, the distance will vary on your skill level and all levels are welcome. Everybody gets a swim buddy.

Directions: Take I-5 to the Carlsbad Village Drive exit and head west. Follow Carlsbad Village Drive to the end and turn left on Ocean St. Drive straight 1/4 mile into the parking area. We'll meet near the park and walk down to the beach together.

Enjoy the camaraderie!

2-3 M swims in North SD County. By personal invitation only.

Needs a location

Special Notice:
This is a 2-3M + swim in North County on designated mornings starting between 7:00 & 9 am.

This 2-3M swim is open by personal invitation only. Considering safety we limit this event to highly experienced swimmers with have strong swimming abilities.

The swimming pace is sub 1:25/hundred or 25M in an ocean mile.

Sunday Swim Around the Pier

Needs a location

The Sunday swim is open to swimmers of all abilities, and if you are new to open-water swimming it is encouraged that you start here. Why? All of the Carlsbad Ocean Swimming swims are no-drop swims, but the Sunday swim is mentored, meaning at least one person will be on hand to show you the ropes.

When: Sunday Morning. Meet at 7:45, toes in the water at 8AM.

Where: Oceanside Municipal Pier. Meet at the picnic tables to the south of the bandshell.

Parking: Along Pacific Street above the pier. Bring quarters to feed the meters.

What to bring: Cap and Goggles. If it's colder bring your trusty Xterra wetsuit and neoprene swim cap.

Disclaimer: Swimmers swim at your own risk.

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Tuesday / Thursday Morning Swim

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